Why we love Law School [ENG SUB]

Beyond the law jargon and the fight for justice, LAW SCHOOL served ultimate study group goals, relatable pains of student life, court trials at 110% intensity, and suspense that drove us crazy! Be it Yangcrates’ inspiring trials-turned-lectures or every fleeting #SolHwi moment that we treasure, here’s why we love LAW SCHOOL ⚖️

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  1. Loved how Yangcrates helped out his students, if they were wise enough to pick up on his meaning, even when he was not agreement. The law must be just.
    The law definitely needs people like him, instead of those only out for their own ends.
    Great series.

  2. The editing of law school wa s really bad. It is hard to ride show because it easily gets confusing. I wish the show was more of a slice of life kind of thing where we could see the struggle of the students studying law.

  3. What..? When i saw k. Beom s insta updates of law school i thought he was really getting on to studies….didnt know it was another drama😭😱😅😅😅

  4. Law School had a great start but towards the end of the series it got messy and meh. The cast was amazing! The problem was with the writing.

  5. It’s so hard to watch other dramas after watching Law School, JTBC please take responsibility. 😭😭😭 Now I think the only way to save me is the airing of “Until the morning comes” this year.

  6. I am now waiting for the main cast to be invited to the Swoon to play games, and for them to release a Swoon-worthy moments video on Law School because Solhwi is the cutest and Joon-hwi's stares are enough to melt you.

  7. This will be the first k-drama I will watch after my exams. I had Start up and Hospital Playlist S2 on the top,but now I really want to watch this show

  8. Man, I am a 2nd year law student. Whenever I watch Law School drama, I always can relate to the drama and feel like the profession I chose is the coolest 😂 but whenever I watch hospital playlist, I want to drop law school and become a nurse because saving people in the drama sounds cool too 😂 nevertheless, both professions are hard and salute to those who survived law school, nursing school and medical school !

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