Why Most Students Think Law School is Hard (and How to Make it Easier)

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★ Believe it or not – law school can be fun! While most people think it’s harder, it’s more accurate to say law school is different.
You’ll read more, you get very little feedback, and the final exam is nothing like anything in undergrad. Hell, it’s nothing like the LSAT. Good news – you CAN improve your law school test-taking skills before you get to the final and learn how to write solid law school essays.

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  1. im graduating early and i cant decide on a career, I'm mostly interested in law and computer science. But I cant decide which one to go with!! please help me.

  2. I’m an extremely shy person and I’m so nervous to go to law school. Do you think business law is suitable for people like me . I’m very bad at communicating with people

  3. I think this is good advice at any level. My grades went up in college once I learned to deconstruct the tests to answer the question "What sorts of stuff does this professor/discipline consider important enough to put on a test?"

  4. Yes but how to know which are the right things ,cause they always asking all possible info in the book. I mean everything seems to be so important

  5. So it's the opposite of engineering where you are working through practice problems everyday. It's difficult but the feedback is constant and the more you do the more you pick up speed as well as accuracy. Then the final is just several lengthy practice problems with a time limit. Having been through engineering school I would find the lack of feedback in law school maddening. Also I'd be looking for any excuse to draw a diagram.

  6. I’m heading to law school in September. I know many lawyers because I work at a large, corporate law firm – some lawyers say it’s so easy compared to undergrad, others say it’s extremely hard. No idea who to believe.

  7. The thing is I’m really interested in becoming a prosecuter… in Canada I’m not exactly sure how the process works. I want to study and get into Law school but I’m really worried about the financial issues that will come especially since I’d rather not live my life in debt.

  8. 2:54 – Is it just me, or does that queen already have the king in check then move into a different check? That shouldn't be possible, it means the king was in check at the end of their last turn. I might be wrong, but it looks like the queen is in line with the king, then moves diagonally to take the opposing queen and attack on the diagonal.

  9. You summarized the issues I'm currently facing.

    I'm studying too much content, and I don't receive any feedback on whether I did it right or not. Thus, I'm left hanging, wondering whether I passed or not.
    Thank you for sharing tips to deal with the dillema.

  10. This is a global human rights issue and given the mental distress around Covid many are at risk for being offered this. Please have the conversations and find a way to bring these suits. Attorneys and law students I believe a way can be found. I have an attorney on survey of hundreds who consented to this and now cannot recognize the faces of his own clients. https://youtu.be/369_F0ZbeZc

  11. In addition to practice exams, I found that getting your hands on a good outline (e.g., has quotes from the professor regarding his take on the law throughout) early in the semester and then editing it as the semester progresses is much more efficient than making your own, which, of course, allows for more time to take practice exams!

  12. Fantastic video, I think more people need to understand that you need to work hard in the RIGHT areas. You’re vids have inspired me to make my own advice for law students videos on my channel, keep up the great content 🙏🏾

  13. The LegalEagle got the nail on the head. Law school is so different from both undergrad and most other graduate programs. You never know how well you’re doing. You’re always competing with your classmates. And it’s like you’re learning how to do school from scratch.

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