Why I REGRET Law School (YOU might too) Is law school worth it?

Is law school worth it? Should i go to law school? What are some of the best alternatives to law school? I graduated from law school and pass the bar exam. In this video, i discuss what i could have done instead. Why i regret going to law school.




  1. I am at the end of my Bachelor's in English and I don't know what to do next. Nothing appeals to me anymore…. I looked for all the options and found law was one of them so I thought why not but the more I am understanding about the law less I'm liking it. Anything to suggest? Would be helpful.

  2. i don't know why people hate the skilled trades (electrician, plumber, mechanic, etc.) so much.
    i work in a trade, and also sell home cooked food. i make $120k a year (pre-tax), and have zero student loan debt. i thank God i never cared about things like prestige and status. i was always a dumb person, so college was never for me anyway. i'm glad and grateful things worked out for me tho.

  3. I get bored easily and don't like to work very hard, so I guess law school isn't for me lol. I wouldn't even make it as a Juror. I'd be daydreaming the whole time while playing a handheld game that I smuggled into the courtroom.

  4. If you don't want to be a lawyer, don't go to law school … Yep 😁
    PS. I've got a Computer Science bachelor's degree and it's the hardest & best thing I've ever done, I highly recommend it.

  5. You seem very knowledgeable and blunt. What do you think I should do if I have a ba in criminal justice but I wanted to do law school now second guessing

  6. This was SO helpful. Thank you for being so honest, and though lewd humor was not my cup of tea, the video was insanely helpful for me sealing the deal on my decision to save myself hundreds of thousands of dollars and 5 years of my life. Thanks again!!

  7. I was gonna go to school to be a paralegal, but I had an illness that lasted a long time and I couldn't go.

    Lucky thing as it turns out.
    Someone told me what it was like and he said, "Being a paralegal is not something that you would want to do with, say, your life."

  8. Also, and no one ever talks about this, in law school you can't appeal a grade – or it's extremely frowned upon. And the grading is subjective, because tests are 90% essays. Imagine taking a subjectively-graded ESSAY test and not being able to appeal your grade… In a setting where people are being taught how to litigate and appeal things!

  9. Hey Evan, thanks for your opinion on law school. I do think that it depends on the person. While I haven’t been to law school I do have a Masters and it’s not for everyone but remember everybody’s calling is different especially with the climate of our nation with police shootings and mass incarceration. A lot of your video is negative and that’s all your opinion; remember what comes easy isn’t worth having. Asé

  10. Only go to law school if you get admitted to a top 20 law school and attend a top 50,
    have worked very closely with attorneys in the field you want to enter actually doing the work,
    and continue to work while in school. Don't pay for law school yourself.
    I went to a top 50 but was rejected by the best, I worked in a law related field but I was not working directly under lawyers doing law work, I didn't keep working and I paid for school my self.
    Don't do what I did.

  11. I feel like you are me but as a different version. I was planning on going to law school like 4 years ago (did lsats, got accepted, pay deposit, etc) but once the financial realities set in i didnt go any more. I was depressed but little did i know that would be biggest blessing in my life because can you imagine graduating in the middle of a pandemic? had to do some soul searching but now im spending my time learning to program which is kinda funny to mention because you mention it would have been better to go to a coding bootcamp instead.

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