Where you (maybe) shouldn't go to law school.

Attending law school is an incredibly expensive, serious, and life-changing decision. In the US where many law schools are under (or frankly, not) regulated, schools will do anything they can to convince you to attend, only to take your money, graduate you with less-than-ideal job prospects, and go on their merry way.

There is nothing wrong with attending any specific law school and I want to make that clear. But when you make this decision you should be mindful of and aware of the various risks you are taking and what factors to analyze when deciding.

I hope this is helpful, much love as always!

▼ Timestamps ▼
00:00 – Introduction
00:40 – Where Should You Avoid
03:09 – For-Profit Law Schools
05:38 – Online J.D. programs
06:21 – Summarising everything
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  1. Hi! I’ve been watching your videos for a while and I feel like you were such a gift to me for finding out if I should have a law career! I struggle with trichotillomania(hair pulling disorder) and I was always performing, public speaking classes, debate class, writing skills everything. Then I tried to get an entry level position at a law firm with my high gpa, 100 plus extracurriculars in every sport every club blah blah. Nobody cared about any of what I was able to contribute even with my pageant interview skills I became angry and frustrated with the racist, sexually charged, and belittling law firms I interviewed at. I applied to 200, got 10 interviews, some with even five interviews for one company, they would each tell me how much they liked me and just never call me back. It was awful. Then I thought shit is this what I want? 60-80 work weeks etc just because I’ve told myself my entire life that I’m good at this thing so I should do it as a career even though I’ve found ZERO support for the last two years of trying to get an entry level job after graduating? I can’t do it anymore, my mental health was destroyed and I grew bitter. Now pursuing travel nursing haha!

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