1. Rando here. Hi. A bit disappointed by this, actually; I was hoping for a bit of an exposition on the history of law and some of the main reasons for how it is practiced and why it is practiced in this way. This video appears to not provide this context. Curiosity piqued, I'll have to look elsewhere.

  2. Hi I am a black & Hispanic man I did 1 semester @ the non-accredited RACIST Massachusetts School of Law at Andover located in massachusett which is an in class room face to face school with ur professors The school is racist & has a Ponzi scheme of admitting a large #of well educated Black &Hispanic College graduates so they can take their student loan money 2keep the school afloat then in the 1st semester the school will fail an over whelming amount of the minority students By the end of the 1st semester I was the only minority student in my so called English class The professor did not know I was a English major & an English teacher & the English class was mainly there just to fail out the students because they didn't teach u how2 legally write I couldn't understand what was going on until I went to an online Law School which finally made me realize how Mass School of Law at Andover in Massachusetts was legally racially failing well educated minority students with their Ponzi scheme just 2take their money. In the online law school 2pass ur exams u hav 2learn the legal writing skills it doesn't matter how well u study &know the law if u dont write in the Legal format of writing then they can legally fail the ignorant students a fact the school is well aware of becoz u can only pass the Bar exam using that format Do ur own research &look it up Just becoz they admit u &smile in ur face doesn't mean they want u there because u are a threat 2their established legal racist system dont just listen 2me do ur own Research Charlotte School of Law in Charlotte North Carolina the school had to close down 4similar reasons then u will understand what I am talking about Becoz of my intuition & research I was able 2Understand & figure out their Ponzi scheme I will not recommend any minority students 2go2 that school They use TOKEN black men in their advertisements &keep a few house Nigers who agree wit their ways &only care about their career not their people then u will fit just perfectly well &becoz of me they cut off all comment section in ther youtube videos causing me 2reach out 2other law school videos. Listen in my personal experience @that school, as a retired officer in the army &also a retired correction officer @the jail I can truly understand why the court system has placed a large amount of Black &Hispanic men in the criminal jail system which is another topic Please pass this info so students will not waist their time& loan they hav 2pay back importantly!! study how 2write IRAQ format the school will not tell u unless they like u & ur fellow black senior students who knows this will not tell u also so the school can use it against u 2fail u study &learn how 2do this type of writing 1 to 2 years b4 u enter Law School & this apply 2all student minority or not as minority students we need 2break the cycle of locking up Black &Hispanic men 4 simple things they never lock up thir nation of people for.

  3. Immediately gets the point, slows speed to bolster understanding, realizes this poor girl may be up to her nose in stress. Oh, and adderall… This video explaining how busy she is was produced by adderall.

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