What I Wish I'd Known When Starting Law School

**subtitles now available**

As someone who didn’t have any lawyers in my family, beginning law school was a daunting process. After I chose Stanford, I spent the summer before 1L dithering and trying to prepare for this new phase in my life. Here are some things I wish I had known, including:

1. class skills v exam skills
2. exam format
3. note-taking

No matter what, though, remember to be excited for the road ahead. Remember why you are going into law in the first place! For me, it was a chance to become an actor in the structures of power, not just a passive recipient of the law’s dictates.

As always, the opinion in this video is entirely my own and does not reflect any official advice or opinion put forth by the law school. Everyone’s experience will be slightly different, depending on where you go, so this advice should be flexibly taken. Good luck!