What I Wish I'd Known When Starting Law School

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As someone who didn’t have any lawyers in my family, beginning law school was a daunting process. After I chose Stanford, I spent the summer before 1L dithering and trying to prepare for this new phase in my life. Here are some things I wish I had known, including:

1. class skills v exam skills
2. exam format
3. note-taking

No matter what, though, remember to be excited for the road ahead. Remember why you are going into law in the first place! For me, it was a chance to become an actor in the structures of power, not just a passive recipient of the law’s dictates.

As always, the opinion in this video is entirely my own and does not reflect any official advice or opinion put forth by the law school. Everyone’s experience will be slightly different, depending on where you go, so this advice should be flexibly taken. Good luck!



  1. Yay for this video! It’s very hard to find Asian youtubers who are in law school! As someone who is Asian, female, and also have no lawyers in the family, I would love to hear your tips on how to navigate law school as a minority. I’m going to law school and nervous about being stereotyped as “the quiet asian” who’s not fit to being a lawyer by my profs/peers. Any advice is appreciated <3

  2. I was wondering if there are some references that you could suggest to teach me analytical writing/thinking at the level that law schools require? (I'm not a student of law by the way, and English is not my first language either.) Thanks.

  3. I would be remiss if I didn’t point out the fact that I am almost certainly a type B personality and still going to law school in the fall! I don’t know at this point how it will go, but I’m sure it will work out 😊

  4. I remember first seeing this video in 2018 when I initially decided to pursue law school… I'm back 3 years later, mentally preparing myself before starting in the Fall lol

  5. I've no idea how or why this popped up in my Youtube algorithm. It's far from my interests … however, attorneys abound in my family, beginning with Dad; I am happily not one of them. With that said, this is one of the best educational/explanatory videos of any type I've ever seen. The author's talents may be wasted if law is her only focus … indeed it seems it's not with this strong video. Power to ya!

  6. Girl the only reason why it's so difficult for you is your asian. Were seeing schools like yale and Harvard for known for being racist. And the fact your not coming from money, the school will give you tests that are nearly impossible to understand. You even said yourself that curriculum changes so why listen to this? I'm just hoping they change the education system cuz you work 10x harder than kim K, who just got her law degree lol so easy right? omg how credible….

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