unfiltered law school vlog: let's talk about depression and anxiety

unfiltered law school vlog: let’s talk about depression and anxiety

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  1. Omg I’m the exact same way with friendships! I hate when they end and it’s hard to accept when they have to. You seem like an amazing friend

  2. Madison, I am so sorry that I have not commented on here in a super long time but just wanted to say that I am so so proud of you. Dont ever feel bad about how you are feeling, just stay in those thoughts and know that it makes you stronger (:

  3. I felt like I internally said “me too” on everything you said concerning how it can be difficult to let go of people, especially if you keep your circle small to begin with. Also I hope you got to feeling better—sinus headaches/migraines are THE WORST

  4. Love you vlogs and content in general! Super refreshing to see your vulnerability in the beginning. As someone who is preparing for the LS application process I'm curious how the transition will be. How did you decide where you live/go to school and what range is your rent?

  5. I've heard that The Decagon House Murders is a good book for fans of And Then There Were None! I've not read it yet, but maybe it'll succeed where the The Guest List failed.

  6. I like your honesty, it's refreshing and it's real. Depression and anxiety are tough to deal with. Sometimes life changes can make us feel out of rhythm as we're going through them and processing them. I think you're very intelligent and have a big heart and I also think you're resilient and strong and a great person. Keep working at it, you'll get there.

  7. I also love reading and loved verity! Right now I’m reading a court of most and fury! I hope to be able to read for fun a little bit in law school, too

  8. Hi Madison! Great vlog! This is exactly why I like your vlog more than most – you are candid and that means a lot. I personally treat my mental health the same as my physical health. I see a therapist or doctor whenever my mental health or physical health requires it, sometimes both at the same time! I feel that sometimes we don't put enough emphasis on being mentally healthy. But I'm glad to see you doing what you need to do. I hope GA was fun and you got to go to Hotlanta lol. 😂 Have a great week! and btw nice abs – freakin ripped💪!!

  9. Hi Madison! You’re only 23 you are still learning you so don’t put so much pressure on yourself. Some people come out the womb knowing exactly who they are. That’s not everyone and it is okay. It took me a minute and once I figured it out it was smoothing sailing from that point. Take care of yourself. Rome was not built in a day. 🤗

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