Tour the Harvard Law School Library

The Harvard Law School Library connects the Harvard community to its vast collections, including the law of every jurisdiction in the world. Over the past 200 years, Harvard Law School has built a collection of primary and secondary law unsurpassed by any other academic law library in the world. Today, the library, a centerpiece of the law school campus, houses more than 2 million items. Take a tour of HLS’ library—including the Reading Room, the Elihu Root Room and the Caspersen Room (formerly the Treasure Room)—and find out how you can access its digital collections from anywhere in the world at .



  1. This like a dream. But I live in a "developing" country and I went to medical school which was worse than a lot of high-schools in US. It had a few outdated medical books. Good luck to you all on achieving your goals and going to Harvard. I work almost 100 hours some weeks and in total I make about 1200 dollars a month. Nowadays I work less and I'll be glad if it's 1000 dollars. I cant even dream about going abroad. All that hardwork was for 1000 dollars a month.

  2. Show this to students. If someone had shown this to me as a teen in the late 80s it would have blown my mind.

    There comes a point when Harvard and schools of this calibre become nothing more than a vague concept of what "success" looks like.

    A video like this makes it seem real, and the collection is amazing.

  3. Over 50 years ago I had the privilege of working in the Harvard Law School Library during my law student years. I want to thank the current librarians for their hospitality when I visited a few years ago.

  4. i want to make a world where everyone can get these resources free, at least for education sake. Education must be open and free for all.
    Education is lioness milk, one who drink it – will roar

  5. I'm from a small town in South Africa, and a lot of people don't care for libraries. There isn't a library for miles, It sucks big time because I'm someone who likes peace and quite. (Something rather rare here…)

    So people who do have something like a library to go to: BE GRATEFUL

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