tips to survive your first year of law school and do well *in-depth and useful advice*

a in-depth advice video on first year of law! i hope you guys find this video useful – i know i would’ve appreciate a video like this in my first year! make sure to give it a like, comment down below and subscribe to my channel! sending you guys heaps of love and wishing you well in your academic endeavours xxx
items mentioned:

1. bachelor of laws (llb) information at uoa –

2. uoa law school notebank –

3. uoa student support –

4. a useful book for law121g about NZ’s legal system –

another piece of advice i can give is to try buy your law books SECOND HAND [only join if you are UOA STUDENT] – uoa law school second hand buy/sell fb page:
business enquiries:
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  1. make sure to read the DESCRIPTION of this video! i've attached items mentioned and some useful resources for you guys <33

    love you guys so much,
    take care of yourself and thanks for taking the time to watch!! xxx

  2. Hi Teya, I just applied for UOA's bachelor of law. I have gained my bachelor of management at Massey last year but I witnessed so many employment unfairness happened to my friends, people around me. Companies don't pay salaries for months, extention of working time, wrong calculation of holiday dates and not paired position and job descriptions with working content. I don't know if I will be granted the offer, but I have decided to study labour laws of New Zealand no matter whether I will be eligible to study at UOA

  3. I really wish I had seen this last year. Last year, I didn't do so well with my law degree, and it's because I did the exact opposite of what you've described in this video, and yeah I failed some of my first yr law papers. I'm watching this over my summer break, and all I can say is that this video is extremely useful, and I'm much more motivated to do better this year.

  4. I love this video so much ! Btw, could you please make a video on how you made it in, and what you did in college ?? (If that makes sense lol), I'm currently a yr10 atm and I just want to make sure that I know what I'm getting into :))

  5. Great video! I’m starting Law at UoA next year 🥳 In terms of applying for an internship could I start applying now or only when I’ve actually started? Thanks 😊

  6. Thank you for making this down to earth video!! As a Yr 13, applying for a conjoint degree with Laws and Arts at UOA next year, this has been very eye opening, with many things which I have taken note of.

    This video was very beautifully presented, and I love every points brought up! 😀

  7. That point about critical thinking seems like such a great one. I'm a Year 13 on break because of some mental health issues, but as I heal and get ready for getting back into school, critical thinking is really a great thing to work on and exercise my brain with, especially when it doesn't seem to be all that prevalent in much of our society at the moment.

    Really enjoying the video so far, thank for the tips! I'm looking at the possibility of a Law degree in the future, and these videos which I stumbled across one day have been great 🙂

  8. Omg Wincy I swear you have been glowing in your videos lately! Im not a law student but I watched this video and I can see how passionate you are about what you study and how your advice may help others. Wishing you well

  9. Great video, outlines the first-year courses pretty well. Law is a difficult course to take and it only gets harder (I'm only on stage 3) but with the passion and dedication for it anyone can really push through.

    Only a comment regarding the private tutoring idea: particular private tutoring companies have had a history of planting fear into first-year students of failing first year to get more people to join their program while boasting 90+ percent second-year pass rates. Please know that you do not need this! Lecturers will emphasise this as well. Only consider it if you feel like you're super behind and need some guidance. I think anyone who does what you're recommending, which is keeping up with the work and applying critical thinking will be all you need to get into part two.

    First-year is very history (121) and application-based (131, 141), it's a great opportunity to stand out and provide unique opinions when many students will submit copy & paste answers of lecture slides for their essays (especially because of online exams). Don't leave anything last minute since, when you get to second year, you're taking year-long papers that simply cannot be crammed within a few weeks or days.

    Thanks for the video! Law Journal might be a thing that I use myself starting now 🙂

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