The Redeemed: From Prison to Law School Graduate (Episode 4) | A&E

After serving time, then graduating from law school, Tarra Simmons is now hoping to be the first formerly incarcerated legislator in Washington state in Episode 4 of the digital exclusive series, “The Redeemed”. #TheRedeemed
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  1. This is amazing!1 This women is really smart high school done by 16 years old? Incredible! She had not one but two careers and man she should make a documentary about her life and go into detail. Makes me think about going back to college and finish my degree

  2. What a beautiful story of redemption. Yes, prison punishes people, but it should also reform. As with this example, people can change if given the right resources. Thank you for this story ❤️. Enjoy your day everyone and pleaae be safe.

  3. Love to hear only the good things the system wants us to hear 🙄. Shoulda talked about all the corruption and mental torture they put you through inside instead of tryna make it look like the system did this. This was all her doing this, and It was very lucky that she ran into those law students. If she didn’t meet them, she would be just like another person who gets destroyed by the system. Her life would’ve been ruined even if she changed her ways. This is basically a glorified ad 😒

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