The BEST College Degrees For Law School (Spoiler: NOT Political Science)

Ever wonder, what should i major in to become a lawyer? Then THIS IS THE PERFECT video for you. Today I’ll tell you the college degrees for law school, based on expert opinions and statistics on the best major for law school – Enjoy!

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Which degree is best for law? Traditionally people say something like political science or international relations. These majors are actually far from good majors for law school because they don’t help you send out and they list your options. When it comes to which degree is best for law, the answer is none. Law schools Don’t look at your degrees to become a lawyer, they care about your LSAT Score and skills. The best degrees to go to law school are those that prepare you for the LSAT and keep your options open if you decide law school is not for you. You shouldn’t go to undergrad for law school, but to gain gain you need to be success with or without further education. The best majors to get into law school don’t even have anything to do with the social sciences as you may think, instead the best pre law majors are practical, unique, and versatile. If this video help you understand more about majors to get into law school and you’re actually reading this whole thing comment ““I don’t play the odds I play the man.” – Harvey Specter” 🙂

So, to your question. What should i major in to become a lawyer? Well, that depends. What do you enjoy?

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  1. You know, I've been wondering for a while, since the 2016 election…why is it mandatory to be uncaring, mental, and irrational to become a politician, especially the president? Uhh…I think the country would be much better with reasonable, intelligent, and warmhearted leaders, especially to rule the ENTIRE USA. Why would the government want the opposite? Non-rhetorical questions by the way.

  2. I'm supposed to be applying to unis now and in so indecisive, I was gonna apply to polisci and then I started thinking that realistically, there arent that many job opportunities, so I thought of doing business instead, but then I could also do economics, and I'm just so confused and dont know what to major in. I also wanna go to law school after so I'm so confused. Help?

  3. This was an absolutely fantastic video. You should have significantly more views. I'm in the process of going back to school and law school is a serious consideration. This helped a ton. Thanks for all your hard work!

  4. about the stem. Here in PH, some of schools offer program base on what strand we got and the only program that stem could offer are BS criminology and BS Pyschology (wc idk if BS psych is applicable as pre law and enhance your knowledge abt law because for all I know BA psych would be the one) so yah. As a stem student, we don't actually have logical reasoning aside from math, we just used it in math. So if anyone would like to be a lawyer, don't be like me. Choose HUMSS instead, there's a lot of essay teaching there and a lot of debates that could get you into law school. JS

  5. Boy I wish YouTube was more popular when I was starting college. Majored in Poly-Sci, and decided not to go to law school after graduating in 07. Struggled for a long time.

  6. I did policial science in undergrad and I appleid to QUeens University Belfast law shcool dream job Ist he International Criminal Court I can speak every UN Language انا اتكلام في ام المتححدة 我站流域联合国 I would like to work for the Intenrtional Criminal Court je travai enc our penaL interntional Я работаю в международый уголовное суд Yop traabjo encort epenal international

  7. Fuck Imma need to switch from Poli Sci to Econ. I Put Economics for all my schools but one school. If I get into that school, I will be switching from PoliSci or double majoring in PoliSci/Econ

  8. Im sure I want to be a lawyer but im changing my major to computer science instead of finance because I feel like at least if anything changes then I have a good degree in a competitive feild and maybe will find love for it

  9. Double major in psychology and sociology but I’m gonna do my own studies during the rest of this COVID and to prep classes just to take the LSAT.

  10. Many college graduates regardless of their majors are moving to data entry careers to be honest, which is good because those jobs teach you many skills

  11. I feel like this was helpful, but it also kind of perpetuated the stereotype that your major dictates your job. But most majors don't align with a specific job or career path. And most employers don't care about what you studied or where you went to school. They really just want someone who has a degree in something, and the skillsets needed to perform the job at task. Obviously this doesn't apply to majors like engineering, and Education.

  12. my school offers a major called philosophy, politics, and economics. would that be a good one to go with? i’m also planning on minoring in environmental science.

  13. If you’re dead set on law school, I think stem wouldn’t be the best choice, because of its subjects commonly having lower gpa curves. While some schools might take that a little into account, since schools are so dependent on their usnews ranking that uses LSAT and gpa, they are much more numbers focused than other grad schools.

    I would say to pick something with a reasonable curve but still substantive so you’re not screwed if you can’t score high enough on the lsat to go where you want. I personally did Economics and enjoyed it. And will now being going to a T10 school(also law schools are usually measured with specific numbers like top 3 top 6 and top 14)

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