The 3 Things I Wish I Had In Law School (and Still Use As A Practicing Attorney)

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A special heads up to every incoming 1L – the three things I wish I had in law school.

★ 1. I HATE casebooks. They’re big, they’re heavy, they’re expensive, and in practice, authors simply include the cases verbatim, which means you’re paying hundreds of dollars for cases that are in the public domain- that you can access for free. Which is why the first thing that I wish I had in law school is a beautiful shiny tablet. It makes life so much easier. For example:

★ 2. The second thing that I wish I had when I started law school: a nice laptop with a solid state hard drive a long battery life and cloud storage. For example:

★ 3. The third thing that I wish I had in law school and that is: a fast cheap laser printer because you’re going to print a ton. For example:

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  1. Laser printers are no joke. I studied music in college and I got a laser printer for like $70 to print long pieces of music and blank sheet music paper. Have never needed to color print anything in the 2 years I've owned it. Just use a free app on my phone to scan things and I've bought replacement toner for my printer once.

  2. I use Google Drive and it has saved me MANY times from loosing work. It’s the same account I’ve had since freshman year of college and now I’m 7 years with it.

  3. as a former elected official. (unpaid)///and former hacker/// keep a USB. a lot of what you talk about here is something that saved me from having to reprint shit. (sorry for the cursing) but what always has helped me is having a usb key.

  4. im sorry did he just say you're going to be "drinking a lot" and youre gonna spill? yeah wouldn't want your notes to smell like whiskey at the study session.

  5. I'm an IT guy & not a lawyer, excellent advice in regards to the laptop. Cloud storage & an SSD. SSD is even more important than say CPU or RAM (but you want at least 8GB or RAM & at least an Intel I5 equivalent) If the college gives out Microsoft accounts, you got 1TB of OneDrive. Google? You're probably getting a TB of Google Drive with your school account. Same with the printer advice, no Inkjet. Get a Cannon or Brother, avoid HP & avoid the shitty consumer grade ones that make a massive profit off of ink (they're usually cheap)

  6. When I went to lawschool, the technology you mentioned did not exist. Tablet ipads did not exists. We barely had notebook computers with mechanical hard drives (no SSD options), and laser printers did not come with scanners attached. One could barely afford inkjet printers back then. WE used to use dial up internet connection to access databases for cases. Technology sure has come a long ways.

  7. As a 3rd year law student, I agree with this. Listen to this man. Don't be cheap and suck up the costs makes productivity easier.

  8. Suggestion for a future video: Why don't you examine the famous Sony Betamax case, whereby home tape recording of TV signals was permitted as "fair use"? Seems like a great topic for you.

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