The 3 Things I Wish I Had In Law School (and Still Use As A Practicing Attorney)

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A special heads up to every incoming 1L – the three things I wish I had in law school.

★ 1. I HATE casebooks. They’re big, they’re heavy, they’re expensive, and in practice, authors simply include the cases verbatim, which means you’re paying hundreds of dollars for cases that are in the public domain- that you can access for free. Which is why the first thing that I wish I had in law school is a beautiful shiny tablet. It makes life so much easier. For example:

★ 2. The second thing that I wish I had when I started law school: a nice laptop with a solid state hard drive a long battery life and cloud storage. For example:

★ 3. The third thing that I wish I had in law school and that is: a fast cheap laser printer because you’re going to print a ton. For example:

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