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obsession isn't love| Ye Suel | law school |princess don't cry mv

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jeon yeseul ✘ you think that's love? | law school

#LawSchool #GoYounJung #KimBum i freaking hate this man! he literally abuses her bc she’s the one who got in law school when they both decided to go together??? and he’s just making her do things? but im glad she stood up for herself she needs to tell this trash bag his place! I do NOT… Continue reading jeon yeseul ✘ you think that's love? | law school

Sol-A & Joon-Hwi || Savage Love [law school fmv]

I mean, how can they just be friends? they’re too cute for each other 😣 [I was supposed to be studying for finals instead of making edits about them but hey they’re way cuter than my finals, so] _____________________ Drama: Law School Savage Love Piano cover by LittleTranscriber link: ——————————– tags: #LawSchool​, #KimBum​, #RyuHyeYoung​, #Fanvidfeed​,… Continue reading Sol-A & Joon-Hwi || Savage Love [law school fmv]

Why we love Law School [ENG SUB]

Beyond the law jargon and the fight for justice, LAW SCHOOL served ultimate study group goals, relatable pains of student life, court trials at 110% intensity, and suspense that drove us crazy! Be it Yangcrates’ inspiring trials-turned-lectures or every fleeting #SolHwi moment that we treasure, here’s why we love LAW SCHOOL ⚖️ Subscribe to The… Continue reading Why we love Law School [ENG SUB]