"How to Read a Case" with UVA Law Professor Anne Coughlin

Professor Anne Coughlin explains how to read a case to first-year students during an event hosted by the Black Law Students Association. (Sept. 17, 2015, University of Virginia School of Law) source

Law School: 10 Critical things every first year law student must know

these are 10 very important things to know before starting your first year of law school. Law school is a different way of learning You can’t cram Law school is taxing What is mooting? Reading requirement Different types of law subjects Grades vs internships Competitiveness How to take Notes Instagram: Australian Law Student source

What I Wish I'd Known When Starting Law School

**subtitles now available** As someone who didn’t have any lawyers in my family, beginning law school was a daunting process. After I chose Stanford, I spent the summer before 1L dithering and trying to prepare for this new phase in my life. Here are some things I wish I had known, including: 1. class skills… Continue reading What I Wish I'd Known When Starting Law School

Introduction to Law School for First-Year Students

Professor Molly Bishop Shadel, Vice Dean George Geis and Professor Toby Heytens give first-year students advice about studying and acclimating to law school life as they head into their first week of classes. Topics include reading and analyzing cases, preparing for class, outlining, studying and exams. (University of Virginia School of Law, Aug. 19, 2016)… Continue reading Introduction to Law School for First-Year Students