STUDY VLOG – law finals, productive days in my life

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Hi guys, welcome back to my channel 🤍

I’m Libbie, and I’m a law student at Exeter University


Instagram @libbiemiles


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Pancake – Prod. by Lukrembo
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How old are you? – 22 (at time of upload)
What do you study? – Law LLB at the University of Exeter
What did you get in your A levels? – A*AB
What camera do you use? – Canon g7 x mark ii or EOS M50

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  2. How did you find the teriyaki tofu from mob kitchen? Made it the other day and thought it was a bit odd tasting/not really like teriyaki and was wondering what you thought of it xx

  3. Best purchase of the past two weeks, M&S raspberries. Boujee indeed. Absolutely no man-splaning/bro-science but just be mindful on the dreadmill/hamster-wheel; with your footwear. don't want shin splints etc 🙂

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