Starting Law School Right

When starting law school, there are 10 things you should consider doing. These are the things that most top law students do to succeed.

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  1. I wanted to ask if you think taking easy course in university to boast gpa is better or to take critical reasoning courses that will help with the LSAT? I could always take the rays course and then take prep course afterwards but I wanted your input. Thank you!!

  2. Excellent video, Professor! The suggestions about outlining and exam preparation resonated with me. I learned these lessons quickly after my first semester of law school. I’ve found that outlining the previous week the night before class helps as a refresher of what we covered, especially since so many of our classes build on material covered the week before. What I’ve been trying to do this semester is start doing small hypos once a week related to what we covered that week. I’ve found the Examples & Explanations series gives some good, short hypos with helpful explanations. These usually take 30-45 minutes to write and review, so it’s manageable. I’m hoping this effort will pay dividends later this semester.

  3. For me, I usually start doing practice exams two to three weeks before the final and that helps me use my outline better and make some edits to it to help me on the day of the actual final. I also make another outline of the exam answer structure to make sure I don't miss anything on the day of the final.

  4. Can you talk about how to learn how to read and understand US law who are not from the US? I'm planning on going to law school next year and would like to know to prepare myself before class. Thanks. Love your videos

  5. Best advice I got before school was to “treat it like your job.”

    Sit in the place in the classroom you are most confortable; if you are worried about being cold called constantly, class will be an anxiety filled waste of time.
    @learnlawbetter I hope you consider phasing out strict cold calling.

  6. I’m an MA Philosophy student planning to go to law school. I wish I could sit in the front during class, but I have to sit behind the computer because all the classes I’m taking are online.😕

  7. Great Video Professor! Can you please make one on staying positive while having to deal with the looming economic recession/depression as a Law school graduate/1st year associate? Also, please give us your thoughts on how technology/ remote work will impact the legal profession long term. Thank you for all that you do. Godspeed good sir!

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