Sol-A & Joon-Hwi || Savage Love [law school fmv]

I mean, how can they just be friends? they’re too cute for each other 😣

[I was supposed to be studying for finals instead of making edits about them but hey they’re way cuter than my finals, so]

Drama: Law School

Savage Love Piano cover by LittleTranscriber

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  1. Kim Bum and Ryu Hye Young literally said "We know this is not a romance drama, and we not gonna have even one hug/kiss or confession, but we gonna make fans freak out with our acting skills" – I literally feel the love and caring they have with each other just with the eyes and facial expression! Please they are so lovely and talent

  2. We all agree that they are the sweetest, most realistic, natural and powerful couple. Because they always supported each other, he made her more confident and she made him happy

  3. Should I said like this? remember in the first episode when Joon hwi help answering the question for Sol A and Prof.Yang was staring back at both of them and then when he take a photos of Sol A to prove the issues.Prof.Yang already giving us a hint 😂

    Means that we had a chance of them being shipped guys😄

  4. Honestly though they really shouldn't have had any of these moments and tease a potential love line without giving us one that's complete like I CANT FOCUS ON THE PLOT WHEN YOU GIVE ME THIS CHEMISTRY AND THEN GO NOWHERE WITH IT

  5. I ship this couple to my core but somehow i feel like its only Joonhwi one sided crush. SolA just treat him like a good friend. But let me be delulu and neglect all that hints 😭😭

  6. Get urself a guy/girl who looks at you like how Joonhwi looks at SolA… I

    bet you can't because there's only 1 Joonhwi and she is the only SolA in his eyes….

  7. we only got 3 more episodes, if they are not together by the end of the final one, they better make a season 2 just so we can get to see them date

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