So You Want to Go to Law School

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  1. 10 years ago this video pushed me over the edge to declining the law schools I had been admitted to. BEST DECISION EVER! My friends who went are $100k+ in debt and work like 14hrs a day. I have no debt, make decent money, and work less than 7hrs a day.

  2. Hey David, I'm trying to get Xtranormal STATE from 2010 running as offline. The original Xtranormal STATE can still be downloaded from archive.

    I know there is something called StatePlus (by Glen Saunders) which allows the original STATE to be run offline plus more features. However I just cannot get the two to work. Any ideas please? Thanks. Xtranormal has much cuter characters than other movie makers and I quite like it. STATEPlus by Glen Saunders can be downloaded here:
    Executables are inside a zip called inside the

  3. Your math appears wrong. Given you have probable cause of being guilty, you average somewhere between 50.01% and 100% of guilt. To be convicted in trial is to be proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. A reasonable doubt could be more like 95% likelihood of guilt. Given the average person with probable cause is 75% guilty and the average reasonable doubt is 95%-ish, approximately 80% will be acquitted due to insufficient evidence to prove their guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

  4. I had a lawyer screw me out of $5000 one time for one simple letter of due payment, then called me 3 years later and demanded another $5000 " 'cause she was still working my case." After listening to me laugh on the floor for 2 1/2 minutes, I guess she finally hung up.

  5. This is great for humour's sake, but the common people need justice and access to it more than ever. There is a tremendous demand for lawyers who are willing to charge a third to a quarter of what law firms bill out. They can make it work if they aren't greedy.

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