1. I thought people talk hindi in court cause it's most used language by people police nd etc… Now this making me nervous about doing llb cause im good at english but yaar hindi m toh m faad sakti hu logo ki….

  2. My sister is in 10th , and she want to take humanities , apart of all this competitive neet n jee race and hard to score high in 12th subjects , she wants to take humanities . As she want to make a career in law . Please provide any advice to her. What subjects her should take in humanities , and is humanities are good to take to have career in law?

  3. मध्यप्रदेश के कॉलेजों में न तो मूट कोर्ट है न ही इस कालेज जैसी कोई सुविधा है हर एक राज्य में बार कॉन्सलिंग ऑफ इंडिया एक जैसी सुविधाएं क्यों नहीं करता है हमे भी अधिकार है इन सभी जैसी शिक्षा लेने का। 😔😔

  4. I am pursuing law we don't have professors in our college, 5 subjects 1 professor, and I see this sophisticated talk,, and I can conclude that I have destroyed dark future

  5. If this is cross examination then why the defence lawyer is not asking Leading questions? And if this is examination-in-chief then the witness has become hostile and prosecution should ask for permission to ask Leading questions. How come Symbiosis students don't know about this ? They need to attend a real courtroom. Just fluency in English won't take them through the complicated path of litigation.

  6. इतनी इंग्लिश सून के… accused कन्फेस कर लेगा….भाई..हा मैने जुर्म किया…इस इंग्लिश से बचाव

  7. Iam a student of IIBS. IIBS chairman is really fruad he dont know ABCD in MBA. Simply started the college doing fruad marketing & making fake publicity. Chairman of IIBS showup only. He use cheap politics and threaten the students who wants to cancel the seat and ask for refund the fee. Dont join in IIBS. no placements at all. Simply they use marketing techniques to attract the students. Waste college in Country IIBS.

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