Should You Go to Law School

Wondering if you should go to law school? Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of going to law school, along with some advice before you make your decision.

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Today I want to discuss whether you should go to law school.

Critical Thinking Skills. Law schools do a superb job at teaching critical thinking skills, and is one of the few disciplines that does this well.

Prestige. Lawyers are viewed as leaders in the community.

Wealth. A very small percentage of lawyers get wealthy, either through owning a large firm or becoming the CEO of a corporation.

Cost. Law school costs lots of money, with most students financing their education through loans.

Salaries. Most law students don’t make a lot of money right out of law school.

Work-Life Balance. There is very little work-life balance for most lawyers. .

Personal Problems. Lawyers suffer from high levels of depression and substance abuse.

Talk to Lawyers. Go and find out what lawyers actually do.

Career Path. If you are going into law because you want to do something specific, like fighting human trafficking, working for the Department of Justice, or becoming a judge, find out how realistic this is.

Uncertainty. Many people go to law school because they don’t know what they want to do after college

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