Should You Go to Law School

Wondering if you should go to law school? Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of going to law school, along with some advice before you make your decision.

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Today I want to discuss whether you should go to law school.

Critical Thinking Skills. Law schools do a superb job at teaching critical thinking skills, and is one of the few disciplines that does this well.

Prestige. Lawyers are viewed as leaders in the community.

Wealth. A very small percentage of lawyers get wealthy, either through owning a large firm or becoming the CEO of a corporation.

Cost. Law school costs lots of money, with most students financing their education through loans.

Salaries. Most law students don’t make a lot of money right out of law school.

Work-Life Balance. There is very little work-life balance for most lawyers. .

Personal Problems. Lawyers suffer from high levels of depression and substance abuse.

Talk to Lawyers. Go and find out what lawyers actually do.

Career Path. If you are going into law because you want to do something specific, like fighting human trafficking, working for the Department of Justice, or becoming a judge, find out how realistic this is.

Uncertainty. Many people go to law school because they don’t know what they want to do after college

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  1. I'm a criminal jusitce major with a 3.0 gpa, I graduated from higshcool with a 3.5 and I got my AA with a 3.0 gpa. Now I am working towards my B.S degree in criminal jusitce, I have alot of voulnteer experience as well as community service work. I want to work in Lawenforcment or corrections, and then after possibly go to law school and become a militray lawyer. I always wanted to join the military but unfortunately due to my medical history non of the branches will take me, but I may be able to become a cop, with a strong base knowledge of law I don't think it would be that far of a stretch to try to serve in the military as a lawyer. Do you have any advice?

  2. Thank you for this video! I'm currently considering law school because I'm interested in the dialogue between Islamic Law and modern international law regarding universal human rights. Would studying international human rights/comparative law in law school help me with this?

  3. Hello Sir, I'm your big fan, I have completed LL.B Honors from Bangladesh and now I'm married with a US citizen, Can I have admission for LL.M in any US University. Can I be a lawyer in New York.

  4. I am torn between three educational options. I ethier want to study law, medicine, or biology education. Professor, what should I do? I love science but I am not good at math. I am good at English and I like to write but I do not want to be an English teacher.

  5. Im a ex felon with a brain injury , im 46 i would like put dirty cops , dirty lawyers and human traffickers away what does that look like time wise school wise

  6. I am not sure if this is true but professor. Under what laws are the police and or a judge allowed to force you to remain in jail without a trial, without a guilty plea, and without having been convicted of a crime?

  7. It would be interesting if the uniteted states supreme court ever examined the question of if someone who was born in a uniteted states territory would be allowed to become the president of the uniteted states of america. I think the constitution says that someone who is running for u.s president has to be a citizen of the uniteted states but I do not remember if the constitution says anything about if it is acceptable that a candidate for the u.s presidency is born in a territory of the uniteted states of America. This is not or was not legal advice of any kind. For any legal problem consult a lawyer.

  8. Yeah it’s a no for me…I’ll be better off helping my community through the nonprofits I have planned. Good luck to everyone who goes to law school. A close relative recently got their law degree. That ish takes hard work! Best wishes!

    This video was VERY helpful. Thank you.

  9. What if debt doesn’t scare me off? What if reading and writing is what I crave versus the lack of stimulation I’ve had in my 20s? What if I’ve already had depression/substance abuse 😂 not funny but, handled it. What if I don’t watch courtroom dramas and want to see nothing but the inside of a text and find factual, useful information to sway a case? What if I never gave my brain a chance in high school and during my half-assed college approach? I find it unnerving to even mention the idea of law before people are down my throat with criticism. If you’re scared off by nay-sayers, wouldn’t that be a sign that law ISN’T for you? Sink or swim. Thanks for the pointers, sir!

  10. I would want to know if taking Bachelor of Arts in Political Science would be better or taking Law

    Edit : I'm planning to undertake Civil Services examinations but in case i dont make it , I'd want to keep options

  11. I got into law school but i currently work fir the government. I don’t know what to do – I feel like I have stability in my job (70k) a year but I feel like being a lawyer will allow me to help others and have a more fulfilling career .

  12. It took me earning my MBA to realize I was running from my passion for law bc I was scared of failing at many steps along the journey of law school. This week I made the decision to just jump into it with no hesitation😄

  13. I am an active duty military member and I’m completing my BA in Business Management with a specialty in Logistics. I have an extensive work history, and a great GPA, I am interested in pursuing law school with my GI Bill after retirement from active duty. I will be 42 years old, but in good health with no student loans. Do you think I could get accepted, and would I have trouble seeking employment after graduating law school? Thank you in advance, and great videos!!!

  14. Thanks for making the wonderful and realistic video. Can you please mention, which side of law one should pick, if one wants to travel more than sitting behind a desk?

  15. Professor Baez, thank you so much for the amazing content found on your channel. I’ve been binge watching your videos ever since I applied to the University at Buffalo School of Law for the fall semester last month. I know it’s not the greatest law school or carry any weight to many, however, it’s close to home and it’s low tuition (25,000) was incredibly attractive. Today, I received an email informing me of my acceptance! So overjoyed to start this new chapter in my life. Reading many of the books you have recommended in other videos! I look forward to future videos 🙂 Have a blessed day.

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