Should You Go to Law School? ⚖️ Q&A With a Berkeley Law Grad

sat down with my friend christine for a casual get ready with me and chat about all things law school! hope it helps all you future lawyers out there. click SHOW MORE for more info! ⬇

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▶️ timestamps:
↳ 1:19 christine’s law background/journey
↳ 2:18 working at a law firm (complex litigation)
↳ 2:57 general types of law (transactional vs. litigation)
↳ 4:43 working in-house
↳ 5:43 going directly to law school from undergrad vs. getting work experience first
↳ 7:56 should you go to law school? what to consider
↳ 12:07 experience at berkeley school of law
↳ 13:33 law school application process
↳ 14:39 why 1L (first year of law school) is notoriously difficult
↳ 16:33 2L and 3L
↳ 17:14 classes you take in law school
↳ 18:59 why i didn’t go to law school
↳ 20:03 starting work after law school
↳ 20:40 studying for the bar exam
↳ 21:59 final advice

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  1. Both girls are so beautiful ❤️. Both are funny. I enjoyed this video. Kristina is a good listener and the girl that want to law school, I love you passion, your very likeable person.

  2. Lol I’m a senior in high school thinking about law school. I got into Berkeley for English but would you recommend English over a degree in Rhetoric. And also Berkeley is expensive do you think it’s worth spending so much on undergrad if you’re thinking about pursuing law school?

  3. Can you pls expand on those possible career choices that Christine mentioned (10:20) in which you don't need to go to law school but can still work in the legal field implementing change?? 🙂

  4. This video is so helpful, I recently left my environmental consultant job to finish my masters and law has piqued my interest even though i am 26. After working for so many years, I've decided to just go for it. thank you!!

  5. Hi I just want to say I started watching your videos about consulting, but I fell in love with your channel. I love your aura how peaceful and down to earth you are and I can feel that through the videos. You are beautiful! Thanks so much please keep uploading and keep the content coming (seriously love your consulting videos)! Best wishes 💓

  6. Plz plz plz do a jam session! Your voice was so lovely in "Another Day of Sun" from La La Land that I cropped that part of the video and saved it in my phone. I would prefer your cover over the original track anyday.

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