1. Well, I'm still in tears. Madame Justice Abella's speech was so moving, her words make me extra proud to be Canadian. Thinking of political discourse over the past years, I wish that all those who use Holocaust rhetoric for political ammunition and who trivialize the Holocaust generally could hear this and think a long time about her father's "two-year-old son, parents and brothers" dying in the camps. How much agony of grief and suffering those few words represent.

    And she is right also that Canadians do admire and appreciate the many achievements of the U.S. in jurisprudence, and its model for democracy which, miraculously, is still functioning. What is desperately important to remember are her remarks about justice for the vulnerable.

  2. heartfelt, proud speech. As a child of Holocaust survivors, my parents also survived concentration camp and made it to beautiful, free Canada. I "felt'" Ms. Abella's power and compassion and I applaud her. Law/order and Peace. Denise

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