Rachel Makes Pearson Specter Pay For Her Law School | Rachel VS Jessica | Suits

Rachel, who had made a deal with Louis to have the firm pay for her law school, is blind-sided when Jessica refuses to honour the verbal agreement. With Louis Litt at the hospital, Rachel has to figure out how to make Pearson Specter pay.

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  1. This is a plot hole that was never explained. She's Rachel Zane. Her father is the name partner at a firm. How does her dad not have enough money to send her to any school?

  2. "Make sure to have all signed or recorded"

    You will think that is that easy. Well is it not. All depends in the situation, for example doubting a persons' word is equal to distrusting them, making the relationship turn cold, and having that cold relationships with clients or other people makes the day to day work difficult. Consequently, the more dependant a work enviroment, or situation is on soft skills the more difficult might be to make someone sign a contract or have it recorded. Also, take into account that making a record unilaterally depending on the country or state is illegal. Furthermore, the situation is even more complicated depending on the leverage you have for it to make it happen, and threatening a legal action can break relationships in a hard way, therefore anything related to a legal situation can be viewed as the same thing.

    US does have a culture of suing for everything, but even then that is situation dependant. Just try to work again in a bussiness you have sued, or try to remain in the same bussiness you are suing if you already work there.

  3. This scene affirms what i said all along about Harvey's idiotic decision to bring mine in as a fraud. All he needed to do was bring him in as a fu¢king paralegal! This would have legally resolved every single issue both personal, and professional for all involved.
    While it is easier to get up paralegal position with a degree, it's not required in any state including New York. Yes,a degree or certificate is "preferred" and "suggested" but not required. So if Harvey just had a bleeding heart for Mike, he could have hired him as a paralegal which at a firm like Pearson-Specter would pay pretty well.
    In addition, Mike's supposed "genius" would still have been at the firm's full disposal. He could be doing the following-
    *Conduct client interviews & general contact with the client.
    *Locate and interview witnesses.
    *Conduct investigations, statistical and documentary research.
    *Conduct legal research.
    *Draft legal documents, correspondence and pleadings.
    *Summarize depositions, interrogatories and testimony.
    Attend executions of wills, real estate closings, depositions, court or administrative hearings and trials with the attorney.
    Author and sign correspondence (provided the paralegal status is clearly indicated.)

    So his skills would still have benefited, they still win all of his cases, and nobody is on the hook for anything.

    As Harvey knows personally, the firm will pay for law school for the right person. Yes, the series would be less dramatic, but someone with Harvey's supposed intelligence would have known this path existed right away and not constantly risked his firm, his license and that of everyone else in the office, and Mike would have never gone to jail.

  4. Honestly I don’t think it’s quite applicable in real life esp in a very competitive working environment. But here it’s fictional so well yeah. There’re always ppl waiting in the line to replace you😅you have to be extremely top, or else they’ll just let you go or wait for you to leave. After all, it’s too competitive

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