1. Profesor:You are the worst student I ever see in my entire career.
    Kang Sol B fans:WTF. Has somone say that you are the best professor?
    And no one has fucking asking you who do you don't like.

  2. When my parents speaks or does something to make me feel guilty, I always talk to them literally giving advice to them for their immaturity. They can't win over me. So they always beat me. At first, that's stresses me out, but now I used to that. So I always don't mind their beatings. I learn so much from bullying at school, that makes me even stronger that I can solve any problem with my own self. Everything in our life just teach us something, but most of us don't know about that. Nothing is waste in our life.

  3. this makes me cry. my mom was sort of like that, she wants me to be successful so bad only to brag and to make up the life she couldnt reach.

  4. i love how her character actually have a back story so it all makes sense why her personality is like that and not just some girl who is their only purpose in the show is being cold and rude without any reason

  5. If anyone wants to know, the actor who played here also had roles in 'Where Stars Land' and 'Reply 1988', along with movies. Her name is Lee Soo Kyung. I hope to see her in other works as she grows.

  6. She rarely displays emotions because she has been raised in that environment, where all her victories were taken for granted and any complaining was considered pathetic. But at the same time she is capable of deep feelings. Her love for Joon-hwi is really strong. She immediately came to his help when his uncle's wife was about to slap him for the second time and the way she said "I just hope it wasn't Joon-hwi" is simply astounding. She is not afraid of people's opinion, nor is she ashamed to admit that she loves someone, she is honest with herself and doesn't run from her feelings, instead choosing to face love with her head held high even if it means suffering in the process. And this is really admirable.

  7. It’s so sad that some parents really do threaten their kids with suicide or equally emotionally devastating event. HOWEVER I was so ✨happy✨ when she said don’t spit it out!

  8. I really love the serious and like how every character had there own struggles to deal with including her, it sucks that the show didn’t get to delve into it as another sub-plot though. I felt like the series kinda glossed over a lot the characters stories. The show could probably make a lot of spin offs based on the other characters.

  9. Having a toxic family is worst than being in toxic relationship. I am not saying one is best than other, people should not deal with that but having toxic family is suffocating at some level u just become like a stone emotionless because u have to become like this if u want to protect your mental health

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