Preparing for Law School in two hours

This two hour law course is intended for students who are about to embark on the study of law – or for those of you who have already started, but feel like you are drowning. We break down a law course; a law subject; and a week in the life of a law subject. We look at the best way to take and assemble notes; and we look at how to smash assessments out of the park.

We’ll also talk about advanced literacy (and how to achieve it), the importance of logic to law students, how to read citations and operate the key databases, and how the ensure that you are job-ready when you finish your law degree.

Welcome to the study of law!



  1. What perfectly explained video. I hope people understand that this is priceless if your actually interested in studying and practicing law. Thanks for sharing your knowledge Anthony. Keep up the great work mate!

  2. Thank you so much, Anthony! As a non-common law area student, I've been overwhelmed and anxious about how to study and structure notes for law. This video is a Godsend! Thank YOU SO MUCH!!

  3. Thank you for this remarkably helpful video! I am watching it for the second time, taking notes (good practice) and pausing to follow up on your recommendations.

    I thought you or others watching might like to know to the Australian Government Style Manual is now an online database and free.

    I also wanted to ask which particular Oxford Writing Guide you recommend (I live remotely and accessing a library is difficult, but I only want to buy it once) as entering that term came up with four different ones on Booktopia.

    Finally, is there a particularly good introduction to logic that you would recommend?

    I plan to commence study for a JD in 2022 and I am spending my free time this year preparing, I think your lectures will give me a good start and enough confidence to cope with remote learning as my previous learning was done on campus at Melbourne Uni in the early 2000s, therefore very much "Old School!"

  4. Hello. Could please make videos on contractual obligations such as indimitiy, liabilities, defect liability, epidemic, endemic, etc. Could u please share some course name for me to do on these points?One question as well please,, does indemnity clause will supersede limitations of liability clauses?

  5. Fascinating insights into the psychological elements of interacting with the elements of legal argument! Thank -you Anthony. Bit depressing that the just world bias isn't a given.

  6. Thank you for taking time to commit to educating students and people whom you can not even see, I am incredibly appreciative of your content. As a first year law student your videos inspire me and also allow me to gather breathing space during my semesters because your methods really work for me!

  7. Great video Anthony – thank you. I was just admitted to a Juris Doctor (I was very lucky to get a Commonwealth supported place – I wouldn't be able to afford it otherwise) at one of the Go8 universities that seems to have a good balance of theory/practical/social as you speak of them. While I get your dislike of the name of the JD, it was the most practical choice for me as someone who has a couple of degrees already and will be studying part-time (they offer night classes for all of their core courses). I start in Feb, so I'll be working my way through as many videos of yours as I can before then!

  8. Hi Anthony, I am enjoying the videos. I am about to embark on a degree in Law but worry as I am dyslexic and my spelling and grammar are a weakness. Any tips to overcome my fears about exams. Thank you

  9. hi , quick question. (meta-Language) Key Principle of Law and Proposition of Law, are they the same thing, as in, can you swap them in and out for the same meaning

  10. Im a 50 plus woman of no education past year 7 , i self represented myself in a 5 day trial an was aqquitted of the charges brought against me , all i had was Anthonys videos it took 3yrs there the hardest 3yrs because i had to learn the criminal law codes acts etc .this man here speaks simple truth an establishes its truth when learning the law , thank you Anthony you are a ledgend an the golden thread that bines the defence and prosecution in any matter before a court you helped me establish in my case . love ya works.

  11. Anthony, this was fantastic, and that's from a 50+year old with no interest in formally studying law. What an amazing resource for young students. Thank you.

  12. OMG, I just finished watching and it is BRAVO !!

    I am just about to start my very first two core units of law, Torts and Public Law, in Sydney Law School and watching this is so helpful!

    Thank you so much Anthony

  13. Hi, thank you so much for this. However, I noticed that you said at 0:50m that there are five types of short answer questions. Nevertheless, you only introduced four.

    Is there any that I missed?

  14. As a Graduate looking to further studies within Law what is your opinion on different pathways.
    I.e. Graduate LLB or Juris Doctor? Clearly the costs involved with the JD are a weighing factor however with regards to overal course content can you shed any light to help a confused soul. I get the JD is a fairly new concept within Australia and have heard mixed reports comparing the two.

  15. Hello again, Dr M. As someone has already said, and I reiterate, …. "GOLD"… (with Spandau Ballet serendipitously playing in my head… "you've got the power to know…" ). Anyway, I would like to make a request. You have a phD, so I was wondering if you would be open to recording a video discussing the types of "legal research" that could lead to a higher degree and perhaps punctuate that with your own experiences. This is something that I would be interested in myself eventually. Thanks again for all your great work.

  16. I am 6 Weeks into my LLB course and this is video gold as is the learning law book. You have given me a great format for taking notes that previously I was struggling with. I think I had been "researching " how to take notes more than I had been studying, thank you very much Professor Marinac

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