Power | Jeon Ye-seul | Law School

This drama is beautiful, and this character is so touching.
It’s my favorite drama, hope you enjoy my edit . If you like it, feel free to like, comment and subscribe !

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Drama : Law School
Song : Power by Isak Danielson
The lyrics are emotionally strong
« You’re the one that seduced me, lured me in with your beauty,
now I know that you used me
All you did was confuse me, you’re no longer what I need,
touch me slow, feel my heart bleed
I’m ready now, I’m ready now »

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  1. It's the first Time i'm seeing a fmv about YeSeul that doesn't pity her or portray her as "weak" because in my opinion, she is the strongest character in LS. thank you so much for this fmv. Thank you for showing how she stood UP for herself. And for also showing how the one that really GOT her out of all this sh*t IS herself. ❤️

  2. I cried hard when she was able to defend herself in the court, it’s so powerful. Prof Yang really did well to make her realize the real situation happening

  3. Boys are boys even if anyone says-all boys are not same but I don't believe,their shit mind is always opposite.. I hate boys I hate them you can dislike me but the thought in my mind will never gonna change.Even if you say that some boys are not that way but I don't trust their mind will be different it may be anyone🤬

  4. They all stood by her. That's what friendship is. That gave her the last bit of strength she needed to get out and put that horrible person in jail. They gave their all. And the teacher who didn't let her give in is teacher we all need.

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