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Hello Everybody, Let us Understand Philosophical School of Jurisprudence – also known as Natural Law School. The main aspect of this school is relationship between LAW & REASON. This school believes that Law is based on some higher morals and principles and
thus every Law should be Just, fair and Reasonable. This school believes that laws
should be Based on Ethical Values. According to this school, If any law is against the naturals laws – then that law is not valid. To be valid, law should be Based on Reason-They should be Just, fair & Reasonable.

Various Jurists have helped in the development of Philosophical School of Law – Saint Thomas Acquinas, John Locke, Rousseau, Thomas Hobbes, Immanuel Kant, Hegel, Fichte etc.

This School has also helped in the development of Social Contract Theory – According to which Government formation is a part of the Social Contract wherein People; for proper and uniform utilisation of their Rights, give away some of their Powers to the Government. Now Government has to protect these rights. If in case the Govt. misuses their Power, Then the people can choose to overthrow the government and appoint a New Government for the better protection of their Rights.

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My Course on Jurisprudence for Competitive Exams:
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