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Are you considering a part-time law school program? Here are some pros and cons of earning your JD or LLB on a part-time basis.

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  1. The famous judge Frank Caprio from Rhode Island (caught in providence) apparently also went to night school for law school. He attended Suffolk University School of Law in Boston, according to wikipedia.

  2. This is spot on.
    I am a 4th year part time student. Only one semester to go.
    I entered law school at 37 years old with a wife and a teenage child. I work 40 hours a week, then leave work and go to class from 5:458:55, Monday through Friday.
    It was brutal the first two years. I worked hard and finished in the top 20% of the class, but it came at a great cost.
    Weekends were totally dedicated to study. I missed school events, parties, and even some monumental events to keep my nose to the grindstone.
    After 2 years, I decided it wasn't worth it. I still prepare for class, but I decided that neglecting my family was not going to continue for another 2 years.
    My grades are not as high, in fact I am in the middle of the pack now. I have come to terms with it. It's worth it to me to be a middle of the pack student if it means I can be a good husband and dad.
    This compromise was thought out and intentional. I have seen students smarter than me drop out because they couldn't handle the schedule. I can't count how many pots of coffee I have brewed at 10:00 or 11:00 at night so I could stay up and read. Thankfully the end is in sight.

  3. Part-time law school equals working as a waitress at IHOP upon graduation, or maybe as a stock clerk at Walmart. You better have a job lined up BEFORE you enroll because you won't get one upon graduation.

  4. I'm starting law school this fall and am registered to be a full-time student, but I am extremely worried not being able to handle to course load.

    Do you think employers will look at the student negatively if they're going to class part-time and not working? Thank you.

  5. I enjoy your videos, Professor Baez. Thank you! I'm 31 and taking the LSAT in November. Currently, I work 60 hour weeks between 2 jobs and the more I learn the more I am inclined to take time off for 1L and focus 100% on it. I enjoy working and paying down debt from undergrad but I'm passionate about the law and law school. Many sacrifices have been made and there are a myriad to come! Thanks again for all of your detailed information.

  6. Part-time advantages:
    1. Earn money.
    2. Flexibility.
    3. Discussion.
    4. Admissions.

    Part-time disadvantages:
    1. Well-being.
    2. Exams.
    3. Graduation.
    4. Opportunities.
    5. Summer jobs.
    6. Prestige.
    7. Faculty.
    8. Law school options.

  7. Will the degree of a part time law student be the same as a full time student? In other words, Will anyone outside of the university know that you took a part time program instead of a full time program?

  8. I will definitely be a part-time evening student when I enter law school and I am anticipating that the first year will be tough. However, will it get easier as I progress through the program as is noted to happen for day students who find that 2nd and 3rd year is somewhat easier?

  9. Not about part time, but just curious- how would the job market be for somebody graduating, interested in criminal defense, with a 3.5 or above from university of washington law. (the 3.5 is just a random given GPA- would having a perfect 4.0 from the same school significantly increase your employability?) I guess what I'm really asking is if UW Law is any good of an option for law school overall employment wise.

  10. Hi Professor Baez. I was one of your students at the now defunct Charlotte School of Law. CSL was a complete fraud and sadly many of the faculty members were complicit in the fraud but I always held you in a much higher regard and found you to be fair and honest with the students. I used to enjoy our class discussion on torts, especially at 7:30am. Lol. It took me a while to recover from what CSL did to me and to many other students but I was able to return to NY, enrolled in a NY based school and graduate passing the bar last July. Sadly I had to retake torts again since my transfering school refused to accept my torts credits from CSL but having taken torts with you gave me all the help I needed to be able to ace the class. Thank you and good luck with the videos. I find them very informative and useful.

  11. I'm finishing up my undergraduate degree with an emphasis in Dispute Resolution and Anthropology. I'll be done in May this year and I am considering going to Concordia Law here in Boise. I will be working full time as a heavy Diesel mechanic but I work Saturday through Tuesday nights. What do you recommend for my intentions of going part time?

  12. Law always attracted me. But I'm 35 and just finishing my bachelor's degree in accounting this year. How old is too late to start law school? I also have a doubt I'll do well because English is not my first language.

  13. I’m taking the LSAT this year and I was considering a part time program while working full time so that I can get a steady paycheck but after watching the video, I don’t want to graduate in 4 years from law school. I already did that when I was an undergrad lol. The school I want to attend doesn’t have a part time program but the other schools do. Yeah I’ll have to quit my job before Orientation in August and be a full time law student. Thank you

  14. I am a part-time student and I absolutely love it. I do work full-time, but I find it very rewarding. The only thing I don't agree with is that employers will think we are less competent. I find that we have a lot more respect from the workforce on the soul factor that we work 40 hours a week and still maintain homework, decent grades and a family. I find that full-time students lack a huge part of workforce experience and it visibly shows in their first year as an associate.

  15. Im a part-time student from South Africa. Im currently studying through an Open Distance Learning University in my final year. Its definitely not easy to study while working especially with a family to take care of. It requires a lot of hard work, discipline and consistency. A lot of support makes a big difference.

  16. I was a part-time law student and it was very difficult to do during lL. When I go back, I will definitely do it full-time. It took its toll on me physically and mentally.

  17. I'm currently in my second semester of a 4-year hybrid. We can do it in three years if we take courses during the summer. Since I'm 45, that is probably what I'll do. Time is not on my side:)

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