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I have had so many prospective and recently accepted students asking questions about the specifics of Northwestern California University School of Law’s online law school program so today I am sharing a little behind the scenes of the program!

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How old are you? 20
How long have you and Zach been together? Since June 2015
Where do you live? A very small town in rural Northern California
What are you studying? I am studying to get my Bachelor of Science in Political Science with a minor and Business and will be starting Law School soon.


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  1. I’m applying in the spring and I am SOOO glad I found you ! There is not much content or community within this school that I could find besides this so yassssss we thank you ! I have no idea what to expect so looking forward to your videos for prospective

  2. Hello. Thank you for uploading the informative video! I am Japanese and I live in Tokyo. May I ask you two questions? (1) Can I obtain JD without leaving Japan? I am wondering whether I need to attend on-campus lectures or exams… (2) Do I need to attend online live-lectures? It would be hard for me because of the time difference… Thank you in advance!

  3. Hello. what do you mean u have to submit ALL CLASSES' case briefs at the same time? How are the classes on the same schedule? And do you think that is an effective way to learn? thx

  4. Hello. I am thinkig about applying here. Thank you so much for the info! I am subsrcibed! Just a quick question on the protocol with testing. Is it multiple choice? Proctored? Open book? Thanks again!

  5. The other two are Purdue University global and North Central University in California. I chose one of those two and I start in the fall I looked at the one you go to but I didn't like the funding policies that they had. Best of luck to you!

  6. The key in law school is learning your definitions cold. That means knowing definitions just like you know your name. Then learn how to IRAC your case briefs, and use that same approach to apply the elements of your definitions of law to the facts of your hypotheticals. NWCU is an outstanding law school and Prof. George is awesome!

  7. Yes, also what the other comments are asking for as well…how much time do you spend during the week and weekend?
    Do you wish that you could study more hours than you are if you had extra time..?
    Anything else that requires your time in the direction of your studies….ie. other readings, podcasts, master classes, etc. I'm currently looking at Legal Eagle on Youtube/online.

    Tests, essays, extra sources outside of NWCSL, thank you.
    I see other people share my sentiment that you are doing a wonderful-wonderful service of getting this information out.
    Cheers and a big THANK YOU!!!

  8. Hi Macy, how many hours are you spending each day Mon – Thrus on your 4 classes? and roughly how much time are you spending the the weekends?

  9. As always love your videos 😻.I’m a current 1L at NWCU Law about 3 weeks in and slowly getting into a routine. Thank you for always sharing these videos. My Instagram is non_traditional_law_student

  10. Giveaway entrant: Category: Prospective student. Ab-so-lutely Brilliant! Thank you for this unique overview of NWCU. I found it s-o-o v-e-r-y insightful in all respects! If Macy here is resemblant of a "student profile" currently enrolled as 1L, then this is the ringing endorsement for everyone out there still on the fence. To which I say — do "YOU"; it's the right TIME. We're all in-doors (& in this together) anyway 🙂 Thanks Macy and stay safe everyone.

  11. You are amazing!. Thank you so much for all the helpful information, there is nothing like this anywhere. I've been postponing my enrollment for 1 year due the lack of REAL insight. Can you tell us: how much are the 1L books? Keep the great work and once again, thank you.

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