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song- Princess don’t cry
Artist- CARYS
Drama- Law school



  1. This song fits her life perfectly. This happened to one of my friends once. I never knew this was going on with her. No one did except her. The boy was so sweet looking and looked so well mannered that anyone could fall for his traps. I saw scars on her hands and legs sometimes even on face. She always avoided whatever question I put in front of her. I regret not paying enough attention to her. I cry over her at night. She had suicided. She Drank poison. I still remember her smile. She was the most sweetest girl I ever saw in my life. If only I could save that smile. But women or men don't be afraid to stand up against Domestic violence. This can save your life and others life may be saved to. If you ever feel something suspicious happening near you, Pls NEVER ignore it.

    I love all of you so much. Pls never make a decision to harm yourself or never hesitate to make one for securing yourself.

  2. I see my friend in this girl. Each day a new wound, a new scar and new tears. But at last she made it through that hell. I am glad I saved her from taking her life. And now she's going to be a prosecutor. Also I request everyone to pay attention to someone. Maybe your one inquiry can save them from their downfall.

  3. I am so glad I watched the behind the scenes cause I was freaked out with the abuse you see and the abuse you know happened to Yeseul but is implied on screen. The actors were sweethearts in real life and were fine off screen 😭

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