NON TRADITIONAL LAW STUDENTS | considerations and advantages of going to law school later in life

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👩🏾‍💼Where did you go to law school? South Texas College of Law
👩🏾‍💼What was your undergrad major? Communication Studies
👩🏾‍💼What kind of law do you practice? Mergers & Acquisitions and General Corporate Law
👩🏾‍💼How long have you been practicing law? I am in my 5th year.
👩🏾‍💼What bar exams did you take? Texas and Missouri
👩🏾‍💼What camera do you use? Canon M50

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  1. I am currently 34. I’ve thought about law school for years. But I couldn’t bring myself to do it since my kids were little back then. Now my oldest is about to turn 18. And the thought of law school has came back for me. It’s something I really would love to do but I’m afraid I’m too old for it. I’m honestly scared to take that huge commitment. Any advice?

  2. Timely video! I recently retired after 20 yrs in the Air Force. I’m current enrolled in school to complete my Bachelors. I’m nervous about going to law school even though it’s been a life long dream. The workload, I can handle. I’m just concerned about taking on so much debt at 39 (almost 40 😬). Is there a particular bachelors degree that feeds in to Law better than others (I.e English or Business)?

  3. I'm 30 thinking about law school. I have a question: can you go to law school anywhere and then take the bar exam in whichever state you want to move to? I have no idea where I want to end up and I'm nervous having to decide which state I want to go to school and take the bar in. thank you

  4. I’m 32 and honestly I wanted to do it right after college but at that time I was so tired of school lol. I know I’m old now and would be about 35 or so once I finished (if I started this year) so that has made me kinda nervous.

  5. I’m somehow a non-traditional non-traditional student. I didn’t switch careers. I just worked for a few years and had a family before I ever started undergrad so now I’m going straight from undergrad to law school at 27 with a child and I can’t ever seem to find anyone else in the same position

  6. This video is truly motivating. As a mature 2nd year LLB undergraduate, I’m planning on going to law school and I’m very excited. I’ve always wanted to become a lawyer but life happened…fast forward to my thirties, I decided to go back to school and finally finish. Everyone’s journey is different but it’s never too late to tackle your goals and follow your dreams! Thanks for this video!

  7. I’m a 53 year old 1L…and LOVING it❤️
    Getting ready to take my first Final Exams so I’m a little nervous but I’m going to do my best and let God take care of the rest. Class of 2024👩🏾‍🎓⚖️

  8. Hi! I’m a 33 yo. Army Veteran mom of three with an MBA. I’m currently working on my LSAT and applying to Law School for 2022. This video was really helpful and made me more confident in decision of pursing this dream! Most of the things you discussed were things I thought prior to making this decision. My kids are old enough to understand my decision so I throughly discussed it with them. They are so supportive and help me study and get ready for the new journey. Thank you for the video, I’m glad I found you on YT. 🙂

  9. Hello! Just discovered your channel today, and absolutely love it!!! I just turned 27 in September, and will FINALLYYYYYYYY be finishing my associates degree in May, before transitioning to another school to wrap things up and get a bachelor's. I had my whole life planned out from age 5. Went to A VERY TOUGH private school from K-8th grade, then a STEM program in a public high school. I got all A's from K-12, minus one awful AP chem class. Only grade I ever had that wasn't an A. I worked so hard. But, life happens, and right before my junior year started, I got deathly ill and almost lost my life. My last two years of HS were hard, I was really touch and go for a while, but with alot of help and people bringing my work to the hospital, I still finished with all A's. College has been hard. Being constantly in and out of the hospital for so many years really put me so far behind the 8 ball, and where I wanted to be. I've wanted to just give up so many times. But I finally realized I was putting those time restraints on MYSELF. No one but me was telling me I should have already been out of school by now. I was comparing myself to everyone I went to high school with. Admittedly it's still hard sometimes to see that most people my age are finishing up law school or med school, married, some with children. But I have to keep reminding myself that they didn't have to experience the curveball that I did at such a young age. Watching these kind of videos and reading the comments, seeing that there are people even older than me who are just starting school or going back for a second career, really gives me hope. My goal is to finish my bachelor's and go to law school at the University of houston within the next two years. Thankfully, I'm much healthier now, but still have some chronic issues, and I know it won't be a walk in the park. So, Thank you for producing these videos that are so helpful and informative, and being so incredibly encouraging. I really needed this video today, I was really beating up on myself. Thank you for what you're doing. And shout out to all my other people in the comments that are starting law school later in life, too!!! We got this! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  10. this is an amazing video. I recently just got accepted into law school for fall 22 and I'm 30. I'll be 31 when I start school. although the school is non-aba I still can take bar exam for my state and I'm fine with only practicing in my state and the type of law I plan to practice.

  11. I'll be 46 next month and am finishing up my Bachelor's degree soon. I'm looking at law school, but definitely hesitant due to my age. This video has made me feel better. Thank you!!

  12. My name is peace I am from Zambia and am in law school ur videos have really helped me although is a bit challenging but thinking about u makes me feel very confidante and gives me the hope that I will make it

  13. Thank you for this excellent video! I really appreciate your balanced perspective on how to approach being a non-traditional student and what to keep in mind. I am a 39 year old mom of two and applying for Fall 2022!

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