1. Hello my dear.
    I am FOPOUSSI DJOUAMEDA, an aspiring nigérian law school student. I graduated from a cameroonian university with a Bachelor degree in law ans politics ans I intend to become a lawyer and practice law hère in Cameroon.
    I really appréciate what you do to help us to better prépare for the nigerian law school.
    I 'd like to ask you some few questions concerning the law school, please.

    1-I'd like to ask you what's the amount of the school fées for foreign students ?

    2-Do the fées include foods or I'll have to spend money to buy foods every single day ?

    3-Am I going to stay in the school hôstel in bwari during the externships or I'll have to go to Abuja town, rent a room in other to in which I'll stay during the externships and spend money everyday for taxi and foods ?

    4-What's the average amount of the rent of a small room in Abuja town for a month and what's the average cost of taxi and foods during each day of the externship ?

    5-What are the courses for every bar 1 student ?

    6-Do the school fées incluse fées for the gown I'll wear for the call to bar ceremony, or I'll have to spend to get it ? If yes, how much does it cost ?

    Thank you in advance for your answers.

    Bachelor degree in law and politics (University of Dschang, Cameroon)
    Aspiring nigérian law school student
    Téléphone call and whatssap number:(+237) 695426939

  2. I love your videos! I miss Naija so badly. I've never been to abuja which is so bad but i pray i can go there once we are allowed outside loool. Im a Solicitor here (uk), i always thought about doing law school in nigeria but i really dont think i can study again loool.

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