1. Hey Nyc law school my dream is to become a corporate attorney and practice from New York . But my mom wants me to do my law school from New Delhi as I’m from india . But i will definitely do my llm from your school .ITS DREAM !!!! JUST GUIDE ME REGARDING HOW CAN I GO THROUGH THE PROCESS.

  2. Dear Humans,
    My name is Sarah Xali Hali, the only child of Rita Akpene Hali (Ama Vida Hagan). My mother and I are both Ghanaians. My mother lived and worked in America for 14yrs before her untimely death in New York (1999 to 2013). My mother founded and was president of her ministry and a prayer Line called Jesus Is The Answer Prayer ministry and Christ is the Answer Prayer Ministry Inc. (A Christain Organization)
    (Prayer Line Tel. Contact No. 00 1 774-220-4000. Code: 20204#) the prayer line and code remains the same even after my mother’s death.
    The ministry operates in the United States of America and Canada. They Celebrate My mother; Rita Akpene Hali as the founder and President of the ministry many times even before and after her mysterious Death in 2013.
    As far as I know, my mother’s Ministry existed before 2005. When My mother was alive, she used to put me on the Prayer Line for me to give words of exaltation to members from 2008 to 2012 though the ministry begun before 2008.
    My mother died mysteriously in the hands of her friends and executives who have refused to give me details about the cause of her death, death certificate, information on her Ministry, details and clarity of the cause of her death, address to exactly where my mother was buried, her Properties and Ministry. They have all avoided any communication as to who heads her ministry nor how her Properties were moved. They hosted her funeral without me and refused me any opportunity to pay my last respect to her. I don’t even know where my mother was buried and they don’t act like they care.
    Meanwhile they consistently raise funds in my mother's Name from my mother's Prayer line, the ministry's Annual retreat etc promising congregants that the funds are for me and to also bring me to America but they have never given me any of such monies.
    Upon deep reflection after seven years of struggling to have a realistic dialogue with those involved, I am convinced that they are hiding something because their actions are incomprehensible. They all have my Telephone number and Social Media handles besides I am a little popular in Ghana because of my talents though I am struggling with Relevance.
    I am a very good singer, songwriter, atress, tv/radio presenter, thinker and creative in general and I exhibited my Creativity even before my teenage but distance between my mother and I, the timing of my mother’s death and the harsh treatment from her fellows after her death has hindered my personal and career development no matter how hard I try. My stage name is Xali Hali.
    It is my humble request that your office looks into the death of my mother and help me see justice for my mother's Life and her Life's Legacy which has been kept in the dark for past 7yrs.
    I am confident that the laws of the United States of America will bring justice and Clarity to this important Issue. I also know that you will support me in any way that you can to set this as a precedent and deterrent to all immigrants who may want to do Same in future.
    I have all the necessary contacts and evidences, including the full record of all that has happened. I am ready and willing to send it to your preferred email.

    Yours Sincerely
    Sarah Xali Hali
    +233 245 785 427

    Kindly send me your email address so that I can send you a detailed account of everything, contacts and evidences.

    I need help. The people involved know that I am my mother's only Child, I am in Ghana and they are in the USA and some have moved to Canada, I can't afford a lawyer at the moment neither do they think I can get American police to investigate the case that is why they are being this unlawful.

    Thank you already

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