In today’s video, I disclose ALL of my law school application stats. I discuss my “low” LSAT score, my GPA, and the work experience that I believe led to my law school acceptance. I hope this video was helpful!

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How old are you? 22
Law school? WUSTL
Areas of interest? Criminal law (post-conviction work), immigration law, and environmental law.

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  1. People who get 170 are not so honest and genuine and don’t delineate much in videos. That predatory law school video shows you research much. You explain the experience and moments along the way which is helpful. Someone who didn’t study much and still got 152 definitely can score perfect 180 as opposed to people who get 137 like me at my first PT.

    Lawyer is a lawyer as long as he or she goes to an ABA accredited school.

  2. Hey, question, so currently I have a 3.4 gpa, going into my senior year soon and I work for a reentry program that helps people out of prison find jobs, housing and CBT therapy which is what I am, would that look good on my resume ? I also worked for starbcuks. Do you suggest me having a higher gpa?

  3. 🎉🎉🎉I took my LSAT made it thanks to Mr clark who helped me with tutoring after studying with him for two weeks I had 160points. He provided me with tips and questions which greatly helped me.I want to recommend you all to him he has the key to success in his hands.After writing for 4 times I made it thanks to him.🎉🎉🎉🎉.

  4. Good score Madison, I plan on taking the LSAT in Oct, I have a BSBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management Gpa of 3.97, I would take that score all day long, great job!

  5. Can you be my girlfriend? Also splitters are those with high LSAT but low GPA, with a good story.. A reverse one only means you are hard working that's it. Everyone in top law schools is hard working.

  6. “They’re like I scored somewhere in between a 120 and a 180.” 😭❤️ You are very funny, girl. 🥰 Thanks for this video but my goodness!! I am trying to do months of self study prep just to get to a 153! 😩 Great job to you; you did awesome.

  7. I've been thinking about law school. I'm 5 years out of school working in business and raising a family. I only got a 3.65 gpa but on my first practice test with Kaplan I took for diagnostic I got a 167. I think I can raise it to 170+ with study. I've never heard the term splitter, but it alleviates my concerns a bit.

  8. I'm active duty military and want to get into law school when I retire in about 4 years. I'm so stressed about what they'll think of my application and what I'll do for letters of rec. I graduated with an MBA last year. Undergrad in criminology…I'll have a huge gap between finishing school and trying to go in to law school. Stresses me out like crazy.

  9. I'm SUFFERING, I also started with a 153, but I'm stuck at this awful 161 plateau. It's been a month and a half and I can't score past 161.

    I was really gunning for the February 20th LSAT, but I'm certain I'm going to have to reschedule.

    I just want to get into Fordham Law 🙃

  10. Speaking of studying Spanish, has anyone ever told you that you look just like Amaia Salamanca, famous for her work in the Spanish drama "Gran Hotel?" I think the resemblance is spot-on!

    Thanks for the amazing content! I'm applying for the class of 2024, and your videos have plenty of helpful information.

  11. Thank you so much for the advice. I just got my November LSAT score back and I had a 164. WUSTL is one of my top choices. I have a 3.7 GPA from University of Michigan and received a MA from Columbia University. I did well there but I heard the GPA doesn't matter for undergrad. Do you think WUSTL is possible or should I retake to bump up the LSAT score?

  12. Hey Madison! First of all your gorgeous and second, thank you so much for your videos! Im currently applying to law school and I graduated with a 3.78 gpa from a top 20 university. I started a business almost 5 years ago in Saudi Arabia (my home country) and I ran it throughout college and worked at a law firm. My problem is that im a reverse splittler like you, im taking the lsat in october and im not expecting anything beyond a 160. Were you able to get a few acceptances at T50 schools or do you think I should look at lower end schools as well? Also, would mentioning that I want to go back to Saudi to practice law hurt my application? Ive read that sometimes that may hurt but I mean truth be told, American qualified lawyers are very successful in my country so I dont see the issue

    Thanks love ❤️

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