**Video may speed up in certain sections along with higher pitches, please bare with my editing skills lol ** MORE INFO BELOW

00:00-01:58 Introduction and Background
01:58-10:48 LSAT: studying, pushing back LSAT, scores
10:48-11:59 Letters of Recommendations: emailing recommenders, waiving LOR rights
11:59-12:53 Transcripts
12:53-15:21 Personal Statements: timeline, feedback and review
15:21-16:04 Optional Essays: diversity statement
16:04-17:31 Addenda
17:31-18:08 Resume
18:08-20:36 Final Thoughts: Applications on LSAC

Law School Stats:
2020 JULY LSAT FLEX: 136
2021 AUGUST LSAT: 159
UGPA: 3.64

Recommended LSAT Resources:
PowerScore Bible Logical Reasoning
PowerScore Bible Logic Games
Manhattan Prep LSAT Reading Comprehension

PEMBE Mentoring:

Letter of Recommendations Clarification: I’ve read that admission committees may prefer for candidates to waive their rights to read letters of recommendations once submitted, however it is still your decision to make based on how comfortable you are with doing so.



  1. Your story is awesome and one of the more relatable on YouTube as a black man. Glad you were able to overcome the odds and become part of the 4%. I’m just starting the process of law school admissions so your story is very helpful.

  2. My lsat prep course experience was bad. I used test masters , it just wasn’t for me. I’m at the process where I’m trying to find what works for me as well. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Love your story… just got to the part where you scored 159 in Aug 2021… I was 147 in June 2021, then 155 in November 2021 & just took test for 3rd time tonight… will know on 2/3/22 what my next score is… as long as it is 156 or higher, I am happy. Shooting for 163, though, since day 1.

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