We’re going to law schoooool!!!! Lol for this to have been the most competitive cycle ever, I’m happy to have been accepted and waitlisted at some really great law schools! If you have any questions, ask away 💕

UC Davis Outreach program:



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  1. Hopefully GW accepted you. I'm here now in a different program but my cousin graduated from their Law school then moved to Cali. It's a good school and I always wanted to live here, you would like it I think.

  2. Outside of Columbia, NYU, and Fordham, your best bet is Howard. Georgetown and GWU are great law schools, but the best job offers to black law students in D.C. (I used to be one) always go to Howard Law students. Just my 2 cents.

  3. I just graduated from ASU with a 6 figure scholarship feel free to ask me anything! And arizona has a ton of tech companies moving in bringing over over 50billion. The real estate prices are going up over 12%+ a year. Plus the Phoenix sun's just beat the LA Lakers

  4. I am so glad that you shared how many times you took the lsat! So inspiring! 💜 I wish you well on your journey and I know that you will do great wherever you go!

  5. There is nothing I love more than seeing Black women in the law. The legal field needs MORE of us. Wishing you all the best and happy to lend my humble opinion as someone on the other side of the whole process.

  6. Congratulations!!!! I pray that your years in Law School are as wonderful and educational as you can imagine.. I wish you absolutely nothing but great success!!! Good luck!

  7. Congratulations Leah!!! I'm an attorney and stationery love who has launched the first physical LAW SCHOOL PLANNER and would love to gift you one!!! DM ME: @LUXELEGALP on Instagram.

  8. Hey Leah! Good luck with everything. I’ve been going through it this semester but I’m praying to come out on top 😭. I can’t wait to finish and figure out where I’m going in the fall.

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