My Journey to UM Law School

Hi everyone! I finally decided to share about my journey to UM law school. Thank you so much love for watching my yt vid, it really means a lot and I promise I’ll come back with more vids.

I’m so sorry I may not be able to entertain all questions asked in the comment section but if you’re serious on seeking for the answers, please reach me via email ( I will try my best to look at your questions & answer them 🙂

Love, Tasha



  1. Hiii… What textbooks are we supposed to buy if I wanna persue in law at UM? Can you briefly list them out? Is UK law textbook useful and can be used? We can choose which textbooks to use by ourselves? Thank you so much for answering!!! I really appreciate that!

  2. Hi Kak Natasha, boleh saya tanya pasal language yang guna untuk belajar law di UM? buku teks semua dalam english ke bahasa melayu ? Dalam moot session juga bertutur dalam bahasa ingerris ke ? terima kasih kak

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