My Journey to Law School!!

My Journey to Law School!!

hey angels, I get loads of questions about law and how I got in. I tried to answer as many as I could think of but if you have any other Qs about how I got into law or anything course related like day to day stuff and my classes. I answer loads of them in my day in the life videos but just drop me a comment! Thank you for all of your support as always. don’t forget to subscribe!!! xxxx

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  1. Hello, I am a first year student of the Faculty of Law (from Ukraine). But in addition to law, I am also interested in international relations. wish you success in your career))

  2. I am looking to do law at uni and I’m also a qualified swimming teacher assistant! I haven’t done any teaching yet because of COVID, I was meant to start last March, but I do volunteering teaching. xx

  3. I’m a first year law school student . I attend the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, even though we have zoom meetings I have to say that it’s pretty difficult.
    I also wanted to be a doctor and then at 13-14 I realised I wanted to study law .
    The process to get in University here in Greece it’s really hard .. we made it though ! Wish you the best

  4. lol so funny to see this video right after it is uploaded. I am second year law student from germany. So interesting to hear your story. I have also always wanted to study law. Good luck with your studies in the future. <3

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