My Experience: What is Law School Like and Should You Go?

In this video I give people my law school experience and if it is worth doing. I hope you enjoy this video. Feel free to reach out to me, Denis B. Rose, Esq., with any questions. or go to
Should go without saying but nothing in this video should be interpreted as legal advice. Thank you.

Jump Points:
What is Law School Like? — 0:52
Lots of Reading — 0:55
Resources to Reduce Reading — 1:45
First Year — 2:33
Second Year — 3:18
Third Year — 3:43
Law School Changes the Way You Think — 4:02
Making the Best of Friends — 5:01
Interning — 5:43
Cost of Law School — 6:45

Should I Go to Law School? — 8:00
Bar Exam — 8:42
Upsides of Law School — 10:10
Concluding Remarks — 10:50



  1. Thanks for the sharing!
    I heard about the rewiring analogy and I think that it is one of my reasons to get into a law school. I am wondering if it counts as a good reason😅

  2. Thank you for sharing your story, I am from Brazil and I hope that one day I can be a lawyer in the USA (sorry for my poor English I have been studing english only for just 1 year)

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