[MV] 이승윤(LEE SEUNG YOON) – 'We are' 〈로스쿨(LAW SCHOOL)〉 OST Part.1 ♪ (ver.2) | JTBC 210506 방송

[MV] 이승윤(LEE SEUNG YOON) – ‘We are’ 〈로스쿨(LAW SCHOOL)〉 OST Part.1 ♪ (ver.2)
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  1. For those who enjoyed this drama, please check out Lee Seung Yoon's other songs!
    – Upbeat: Unspoken(recently released), Hero Collector, Drink Up The Universe
    – Slow: Summer of 1995, How Pretty the Moon Is, In The Rain
    The lyrics for those last three are especially beautiful, it's worth the time to look up translations in the comments!

    He also used to be the songwriter and vocalist for the indie band Alary-Kansion, some of my favourites are:
    Gainism and Let's Fly (both very energetic!), and Fake Dream (really creative, intriguing lyrics and sound.), Open the textbook

    Overall, his story and lyrics are super creative and inspirational in a way that's not usually seen or heard in the mainstream.  He makes his own music and sound in the style that he's built up for himself over ten years of singing and busking, and sticks to it no matter what!  And, very importantly for an artist, his live performances are even better than his recorded music!

  2. This TV/Netflix show was very well made. The story transition was very rhythmic. Dramatic incidents always happen in very good timings and that drove me to watch more and more.

    Acting skills were very nice as well. There are some tv shows that use more different theme songs than this show, but those few theme songs used here were very effectively spiced up the excitement of the story and the viewers.

    I know that Korea dramas usually don’t have season 2 but I really hope to watch the next season of this show!!!

    Anyway thanks to those who participated in the production process of this show. I enjoyed a lot!!;)

  3. Beautiful and soft voice… just a voice such a powerful song deserves… definitely English version is required for the music industry… Please make it so i can sing it karaoke 🤗

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