1. I think I saw you in New York at Starbucks! I wasn’t sure it was you haha but I finally caught up on all my videos and saw you’re in New York! Congrats on all your accomplishments; you are so inspiring!!

  2. I think the thing you were referencing in relation to the new “neighborhood” system at Stanford is the residential college systems that some ivys have! I know that Yale especially has a super developed program.

  3. Many CONGRATULATIONS on your acceptance to Columbia Law School!! 🤍🤍🤍 As an entering psych major I would LOVE a video from you on how to navigate post grad and how to use your college experience/internships to dip into post grad options. After watching your video about your major, I am so inspired to pursue my major of choice and make the most out of my undergrad experience. I’m so happy to see you achieve everything you deserve — congratulations once again!!

  4. hi! question for anyone with advice in the comments – i'm a freshman in social science education rn, but i'm wondering if i want to change my major to something similar and pursue law in the public sector. how do you know what the right option is for you?

  5. See you around New York! As an international, your videos helped me through the apps and even got me a huge scholarship at Fordham Lincoln Center last year (but I keep coming back to your channel to see what you’re up to. Congrats on Columbia Law!!

  6. hii kath , im actually at 11th grade right now and planning to go to stanford by the year after next year. Im in india and where will i live as a fresh year??

  7. Hi Katherine! Huge congrats on Columbia!!! You are such an inspiration. I'm a rising Freshman at Stanford trying to select my courses. I wonder if you could share a list of the polisci classes you took during your four years. Thank you so much!

  8. Hey Katherine, I have a quick question about SAT scores
    My dream school is Stanford, and I feel that my student profile (EC’s, sports, volunteering, GPA, and Ranking as I am valedictorian) is pretty good but my test scores are a big big drawback. I got a 1360 on the SAT and I won’t get another opportunity until October, but I don’t want to depend on an 80+ point increase to get me in. Should I simply just not report my scores?

  9. Could you expand on how you found your PR firm? I'm thinking about venturing into a similar area for my junior year summer since I'm super governmental and NGO focused now and wanted to see what this different realm offers.

  10. Congratulations!!!! Omg queen! Also please make law school application video/ lsat prep, timeline. Thank you! Also you should extend your essay services to law school personal statements

  11. I find you to be likely to be on Wall Street or government person. You’ll gain recognition slowly in government but once you do it will be big. Your ideas and judgement feel cloudy though. But given that you’re at Stanford and got accepted to Columbia you’re either smart or very very organized and I find the latter to be more accurate. I wish I had organization like you.

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