Leaving Stanford for Good? + Law School Housing Tour

For our admitted law students who couldn’t come to campus: welcome to a tiny slice of the law school, seen from the outside only because everything is still shut down under shelter-in-place procedures. I’ve lived on Stanford’s campus for all three years of law school, but given new work-from-home procedures and the complete closure of the law school and its services, there’s really no reason to stay on campus. We decided to move to an apartment (not too far away) in order to have more space and a little more stability. But my heart is still partly in my old graduate dorm on campus, a sweet little space that my husband and I shared for three years. Come along for a quick tour of the law school campus as well as my old studio apartment, which is part of the housing complex where many, but not all, law students live.

Law School tour: 0:03:39
Housing tour: 0:05:44



  1. You could have made compartments between you and your husband to continue to work separately during this pandemic. Or, it is not advisable at all, or permissible to do that. Nice, informative videos, though. Thanks!

  2. Thank you so much for making content like this! While I won't be heading to Stanford this fall, I will still be starting law school and your channel played a huge role in getting me there! I really loved seeing a fellow Asian talk about the whole process. It even inspired me to start my own channel and share my law school experience 🙂 Best of luck with your post-law school life! I hope you keep posting

  3. Just discovered your videos…thanks and congrats on being at such a great school…I want to try to help modify healthcare and would like to take the LSAT to see if I can get into a T10 school. I will probably do the 6 month study plan since I have my career….will follow what you have recommended so far….best wishes to you

  4. I am a rising law student and I wanted to ask how you handled creating Youtube content and still stayed a float in law school? I want to concentrate in Criminal law and I am not sure what you focused in during your time at school. Just something I thought I would ask!


  5. Hi! Just started watching your videos on law school. Thank you so much! I bought an LSAT study guide as I'm unemployed and saw a dual degree at Stanford Law/MBA that looks perfect for where I want to take my career. I haven't done anything exceptional and my GPA was 3.7 in undergrad. I was wondering if you have any advice as I'm 35 so I feel I should have done major things at this point in my life.

  6. Husband is a lucky guy. Whew you are fine wish you were mine. Hey my friend studied there. His mon was head chef for a previous US President. Hope he can help you.. this virus will bring that rent down. My office was on Wall Street, NYC. Rent there is overpriced as well. The mask that you are wearing is good but don't be too confident using it and conversing with others as viral and fungal spores are under 1 micron in size and may still pass through. I used to own my lab business in Sunny isles beach, FL. My girlfriend family in China are working on getting us some N95 masks. They are contactors and developers in Beijing. Working on some stuff to help us all..

  7. Hi Esther! Do you know how Stanford's and other law schools' admissions will be viewing undergraduate pass/fail grading for this semester? My school is offering optional P/F, so I'm unsure as to I should stick with all A-F grades, all P/F, or choose certain classes to P/F. Any insight?

  8. I am currently studying my LSAT prep to go to law school next year and trying very hard not to worry about the whole pandemic situation. But I still enjoy your videos, they help motivate me to keep going when times are rough. Stay healthy and safe. Best of luck with your final weeks of law school and new life <3

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