Leaving Stanford for Good? + Law School Housing Tour

For our admitted law students who couldn’t come to campus: welcome to a tiny slice of the law school, seen from the outside only because everything is still shut down under shelter-in-place procedures. I’ve lived on Stanford’s campus for all three years of law school, but given new work-from-home procedures and the complete closure of the law school and its services, there’s really no reason to stay on campus. We decided to move to an apartment (not too far away) in order to have more space and a little more stability. But my heart is still partly in my old graduate dorm on campus, a sweet little space that my husband and I shared for three years. Come along for a quick tour of the law school campus as well as my old studio apartment, which is part of the housing complex where many, but not all, law students live.

Law School tour: 0:03:39
Housing tour: 0:05:44