Lawyers Answer Commonly Googled Questions About Lawyers

Google court is now in session.

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  1. Yeah it’s technically a professional/masters level degree that’s titled “doctor”. Believe it or not, so it the MD degree. Neither degree is an academic/research “doctorate” degree such as a PhD. In fact, the highest level medical researchers are generally MD/PhD’s. Gotta get that PhD to really become an expert!

  2. i want(ed?) to be a lawyer but this video has enlightened me on the struggles of being a lawyer…
    i don't know anymore, it seems very stressful

  3. Well, my friend just said that we should not date with any guys in our law school, well, some guy are too left or right. Some guys is nerdy, weeb and geek in the one person, some guys having problematic behavior since he was raised while being abuse, or a guy who never listen to anyone except his idea. After discussing, the conclusion is stop the idea of dating your colleague. During that time, there are a few guys who is fine but well they are not single, but others who are single, we could not match them in term of dating 😂😂😂

  4. As a transactional attorney, I’ve never had the occasion to use the word “objection”. We don’t venture into courtrooms – our domain is typically the boardroom.

  5. For lawyers to lie, it would violate their codes of ethics and they can be reprimanded at best, and disbarred at worst I believe. However, Police can and DO lie. They are not supposed to in Court ( that would be perjury) , but when gathering evidence , and asking questions, it's CLOCK work. The fact that Police can lie, deceive, manipulate, was an almost unfortunate outcome of the Frazer v. Cupp decision of 1969. . . and because of this, along with the REID method of interrogation, we have a slew of false confessions that have been a major thorn in the side of the Justice system. Now we have more awareness of this through things such as the Innocence Project, and the like. My friend would like to work with them someday, when he gets his school loans paid off. At age 437.

  6. I believe in trial law, objections are used in matters of relevance, form, and questionable evidence if I am correct? I think the idea is to break up the "flow" of the opposing counsel . but not to overdue it, just enough to "crash the story" a bit, disrupt the flow to where it does not form such a solid plausible story in the mind of the jury. Bring the ball back into your own court ( pardon the equivocation).

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