LAWYER Q&A | answering your questions about law school and being a lawyer

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👩🏾‍💼Where did you go to law school? South Texas College of Law
👩🏾‍💼What was your undergrad major? Communication Studies
👩🏾‍💼What kind of law do you practice? Mergers & Acquisitions and General Corporate Law
👩🏾‍💼How long have you been practicing law? I am in my 5th year.
👩🏾‍💼What bar exams did you take? Texas and Missouri
👩🏾‍💼What camera do you use? Canon M50

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  1. This was really helpful. Thank you for taking the time to answer questions. Your balance between tact and truth is incredibly authentic. There were a few terms I wasn't familiar with regarding the "video request" question. Thus I vote for that video. I know lawyers, I see their lives and as you mentioned, there is no way to actually know what "that life" will be, until I am living it. However, your insight has been part of the research component for me.

    My questions:

    1. Is it possible to bridge international law into domestic issues like unconstitutional prison sentences? A great example is the collab between the ERRC and the Rosa Parks Foundation.

    2. I am currently compiling a list of law schools and in particular, I am very fond of Uni of Texas' "Pathways to Practice" online guide. In my mind, I am passionate (and curious) about international law and its impact on U.S. policies that dehumanize incarcerated persons. Is it possible to steer your own pathway in law school as marketed?

    3. Is there a shift in private practice culture and what is that looking like post-pandemic?

    Post-pandemic, more humans are creating personal wealth from home, how does/could this look in the legal field? Is it naive for me to declare a life where I consult through my own business, impact communities of colour and make a comfortable living?

    4. I need look back at your archives for how to encompass my life story and reasons for this career shift into my personal statement, correct? Incorporating these entities in a 1-pager seems daunting. I'm even considering the diversity statement, because there are so many layers.
    Any knee-jerk thoughts?

    Thanks again Angela; I appreciate you.

  2. Thank you for your insight. I love that you always give us real life scenarios and share personal experiences to accompany your answers. It helps to have genuine feedback and you let us know when you’re not certain, that’s very beneficial. Enjoy quarter 4 and remember to reward yourself when things get too overwhelming. 💞

    You answered my question, so I’m fan girling! 😂

  3. You are doing an amazing job on your channel. I have been a lawyer for 25 years and I relied on bar associations and networking for support and connections. I have a daughter who will be applying to law school next year. I watch you and a few others to see what has changed in 25 years. You and so many other AA, are doing such a great job exposing first generation law students to the legal field! Continue the good work! The thing I love best about being a lawyer is that it gives you so many options. My sister is a psychiatrist, but she can’t decide, without further schooling and training that she wants to be a ob/ gym or a neurologist. Lawyers have so many options. That is what I like about your channel and so many others, it shows that the legal field is not one size fits all. You can use your JD to do whatever you want and you change your mind when you want. Continue climbing to higher heights. You are a great source of inspiration! God Bless you and your family!

  4. For my ladies watching this. I think people may be confused on my response regarding being a stay at home as a lawyer. My response was based on being a Stay at home mom NOT a work from home mom. Of course you can work from home and have your kids there but in the traditional sense of being a stay at hom mom – teaching your children, homemaking and your main job is taking care of the family and home – i don’t think a legal career would allow you to do that to the best of your abilities. A work from home mom is different than a sahm in my opinion and is totally doable, but still likely not the easiest to juggle – which is why many lawyer parents send their children to daycare or have nannies etc. while working regardless of whether they work remotely or not. It’s not really about location (home or office) but more about bandwidth.

  5. I worked from home as an Assistant General Counsel for years. I work for a different corporation now and I still work from home, but I’m going back one day a week next month.

  6. Missed you💕
    Currently on season 6 of HTGAWM (yes, I am so late) and I think of you when I see Pratt or Tegan😊
    The salary for in-house counsel (except for a GC) will be significantly lower than big law however, negotiation is always allowed especially if you have many years of experience. Work/life balance will be better in most instances and will depend on in-house corporate vs. in-house nonprofit. As for the stay at home mom question, tell them that due to the pandemic, there are opportunities for remote work as a lawyer (especially for experienced contract negotiators).

  7. You can work for yourself and be a stay at home as a lawyer. I practiced social security disability, family law, and criminal law with a home office. You can hire a mother’s helper to watch the children depending on the age or be creative with school, day care, children’s activities. It is possible just not easy. Also if you are not the primary breadwinner it is easier. It just matters what sacrifices you are willing to make.

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