law students react to LAW SCHOOL Korean Drama: PART ONE ⚖️ (on Netflix)

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But seriously, how did you find the Law Schook Kdrama series on Netflix? TBH, it was interesting at first but I am getting bored after ep. 9….


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  1. Watching law school was a beautiful experience for me. All the professors were like one of my previous professor. Yangcrates reminded me of my Equity, Trusts and Succession Professor, Mrs. Kim was my Commercial law professor, the kiss ass professor was like my criminal law professor, lol. It reminded me of reading overnight in school with my study group, of professors walking people out who didn't do the daily readings, of my compulsory 2 hour reading for every class the day before, of panic reading for mock trials. It was pleasurable, beautiful, comforting to watch. I liked that the drama didn't have all the answers and that laws and morality had several brushes. Just beautiful!!!

  2. I just finished doing my CA 2 daybar exam a couple days ago, then started watching it. I graduated 20' and was traumatized by the cold calling, moot court, and how some laws are very similar to US/CA laws.

  3. I watched this with my mom because she used to study law and said that a lot of her professors are like Prof. Yang and that her experience with law school was similar in the sense that mock trials were nerve wracking and professors would really be all up in your face trying to get an answer out of you. She just said it wasn't realistic how things were executed and how these prosecutors and judges would've already broken their code of ethics

  4. I am starting law school this winter and I have major anxiety… I don't know anymore. They're going to Butcher me during mock trials AND normal classesπ_π

  5. We also have mock trials in the philippines and sometimes the dean observes. It's hell, and sometimes good friends stop being friends after the presentation 😂😂

  6. I am not a law student but do have the subject "business law" In my syllabus and this kdrama motivated me to study it! Lol
    Kang Sol A is my favorite character, the only character I could relate to!! 😅🙆‍♂️

  7. I'm not from Korea neither a law student but back in university (school of architecture) when we were in our final year, before our thesis defense we also have our MOCK DEFENSE. Like in the drama we were given certain project and we have to defend our design cincept. Question and answers, argumments etc and our Professors just watch us. Regarding the time how our professors watch the defense, we do the mock defense in the most unusual time and it's not everyday. Sometimes we even do it on weekends. Also not all professors attend the mock defense

  8. I admire all of you law students!❤ I wish I could have the same level of intelligence that you all have. If I'm just bright and diligent enough I would go back to school and take up law 😤

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