LAW SCHOOL VLOG:first week back, campus library visit, getting an interview +tip for small youtubers

a little late but your girl has been busy! I hope you guys enjoy this new vlog!!

Pull and Bear black boots:
Pink keyboard:

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Music by ninjoi. – Rain –



  1. You are absolutely brilliant and I’m sure you’ll be extremely successful in the years to come! You are definitely an inspiration to all the WOC pursuing law!! 💕💕

  2. I love this video! Its a friendly reminder that someone else's intellectual capabilities and talents dont take away from yours and that you should never be afraid to be bold!!
    – Love, Maritza Studies <3

  3. Precious here from the McDowells! Watching this while I FINALLY clean out my closet and declutter my life. You know, making room for growth and abundance! Then boom you’re talking about the metaphysical shops and I’m like, “I knew there was a reason I vibe with her!” I totally feel the feels about the energy not being right in some places! It’s months after the fact but I am looking forward to your grades because it’s been a loooong wait across the vlogs for them! And welcome to North Carolina!

  4. Hey bestie, I just found your channel randomly. But Imma make sure I follow my dreams to go to law school like you🥺. I needed this sign, especially since I’m graduating college in a few weeks& wasn’t too confident about things& my future. thanks 🥺.

  5. I relate soo much to always looking for the other black or brown people in your courses. I know that I will be fine either way, but I always feel much more comfortable when I see other BIPOC, especially b/c they are so rare in my major!

  6. i love your videos totally binging all of them right now! you are so great at motivational videos I love it! thanks for helping me push thru this end of the semester <3

  7. I love your content, personality, intellect, fashion sense, all that. Kept it up girl, you’re so inspiring.

    Ps: this is my first time coming across your channel, and the first video I watched of you; I’m definitely a life long supporter.

  8. GURLLLL you're never old for anything…if you wanna do something do it, don't care about your age cause who cares, I just found your channel and you're genuinely amazing <3

  9. I like long vlogs too. I'm usually cleaning or I use it as background noise for when I'm editing a video myself lol! I'm still trying to figure out if most people like longer vlogs and what is a good time limit.

  10. I ABSOLUTELY love the energy and confidence you bring to us. I highly think that we need more of that especially now when things are uncertain and we tend to panic when we get confused along the way so, thank you! <333 You really inspire me with a lot of stuff xx

  11. Your check the ego sentiments at the beginning are spot on. I'm 24 about to graduate from law school and looking back, I know I didn't engage in my classes nearly as much as I should have (or used to before law school) mostly because I just had that fear of looking dumb in front of my peers. I wish I had your self-awareness that early in my own journey. You go girl!

  12. New to the channel so I’m binge watching a lot… for any holes in walls just go to Lowe’s or any store find Spackle it tends to be purple just smooth over holes and it dries clear, then your deposit will be returned!! Trust I has a lot of holes in my years of apartment living.

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