LAW SCHOOL VLOG: PrettyLittleThing Halloween party!!!, legal writing memo update, new coffee shop

Hey y’all!!!! I showed a little bit of the Pretty Little Thing halloween party (thought I had way more clips but I guess I was having too much fun lmao) and also took you along for some errands, including trying this new coffee shop! Then of course we got back to this law school grind 😂💕 hope you enjoy!

S O C I A L S:

I N Q U I R I E S:

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  1. One month left and then this first semester is over!!! I’ve been stressing over keeping up with outlines, preparing for finals, and starting the job search…stay strong y’all lmao

  2. I'm so happy I found you! We have the same name, we're both black, and interested in law! I'm currently completing two undergraduate degrees. I actually want to become a paralegal, then an attorney, and then a Judge! New Subbie 🙂
    Also, Good Luck on your endeavors!

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