Law School Vlog: Making my Study Schedule, Buying Books, Health and Fitness, and More!

Law School Vlog: Making my Study Schedule, Buying Books, Health and Fitness, and More!
Another day, another vLAWgust! Hope you enjoyed this video. See you tomorrow!

Beauty/Fashion Faves:
Target 4″ Shorts**:
H&M PaperBag Shorts (couldn’t find the exact shorts, these are similar):
Laneige Lip Mask (I wear this every day)**:
Favorite Moisturizer (Brazilian Bum Bum Cream)**:

Law School Supplies:
Whiteboard (MY FAVORITE)**:
Best Sharpies for Law School**:
Legal Pads for Law School**:
Favorite Marker Pens for my planner**:
Best Gel Pens**:
Backpack I use for Law School**:

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  1. Could you make a video about how you review your class notes? I'm a 2L and ive got it down how to prepare and take notes in class, but after class I never know how to review or go over my notes. What are you trying to get when you review? Do you condense? Organize? Just reread?

  2. seeing that study block scheduling was so helpful! And honestly kuddos to you for taking care of yourself physically and mentally during law school. Not enough people take the time to workout and take care of themselves during school. This was so inspiring/motivating!

  3. omg about to go into my first semester of law school and all my books are $$$ 😭 p.s. look into long distance running supplements like Gu!! they replenish what you lose while you run so you don’t feel so depleted afterwards!! good luck 🙂

  4. Also, I’ usually do weightlifting but have been getting into running. PLEASE tell me you have tips or remedies for shin splints 😭

  5. NYC has cat cafes too and they’re super cute!

    P.S My first day of LS was today!! Went surprisingly well but not gonna lie idk how you loved Civ pro🥴 looks like it might be my least favorite class but I’m trying to stay optimistic! Lol

  6. The cat cafe sounds fun! Also I’m like you when I suffer from hanger 🤣🤣
    When I took my August LSAT, during the break I told myself to quit being emotionally unstable because I’m hungry and to eat my dang granola bar 🤣🤣🤣
    The zoo looks like so much fun! Penguins, red pandas, and lemurs are my absolute favorites!

  7. Hi Madison, if you are going to be running around in such cute outfits by yourself please be safe and carry pepper spray which you can carry concealed under MO law or a taser which you can carry non concealed under MO law too. I read about the Mollie Tibbets case in IO she was running alone with nothing to defend herself with when she was attacked and killed. Please stay safe when you are out running alone!

  8. Hey Madison! Im a law student in Chile, Latin America and im so happy I found your channel. Of course there are some differences between countries but the "grind culture" its still here in the south hemisphere haha. I don't usually comment on youtube but I just wanted to say I love your channel and it has been great company this school year.

  9. I love that you are making such an organized plan for the semester. Don’t forget to not force the plans and if they aren’t working be willing to adjust. Studying isn’t about hours and it’s intential work

  10. What a nice vlog! I hope you have a great start of the new School Year and get to enjoy being on campus more 😛 I start my Paralegal program on campus today (while doing one or two Political Science class(es) online at University) and I'm pretty excited! I hope it goes well and that it doesn't go to slowly (the downside of "going back to school" (changing program) when you're older is that you are stuck with much younger people who experience this for the first time and panic a lot and ask soooo many questions and teachers over explain basic things that have nothing to do with the class but with College in general when YOU've actually been at College and at University for 12 years 🥱 I'm expecting my first few days to be a bit boring because of that, to be honest haha) Anyway, still kind of excited 🙂 I hope you are handling the heat wave well too! I'm not a fan of it, honestly, mostly when I have 1 hour of public transport (without air conditioning) to do to get to school 😅 (When I stay home, it's fine though haha)

  11. I'm glad to see that you allowed yourself to enjoy your last week of summer. I figured that's what you were up to. Enjoyed hanging out (virtually) with you in this vlog. Love the Madison & Reid content. You guys seem like a great match. Looking forward to your first week of school content. Good luck!

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