[LAW SCHOOL VLOG] Law School Story Time Episode No. 04 with Dean Cecilio Duka @CD Duka Law

Welcome sa isa na namang episode sa Law School Story Time. In this series, we go out and interview lawyers and icons and talk to them about their time and experience within the college of law.

All of this, and more, coming right up!

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  1. Dean Duka is my favorite author in Labor Law. His latest book on that subject is comprehensive, straight to the point and a very good read all in all. Highly recommended! 🙂

    Hi, Dean Duka! Thank you for your book. It helped so much in Labor Law in law school. And thank you for this video, Sir Lex! 😄

  2. Ang cool! But I had a hunch you're talking about Dean Duka nung sinabi mo po sa facebook post na became a Dean of College of Education at 26 years old and author of books. 😊

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