Law School Vlog: Final Exam Schedule, Study with Me, and More!

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  1. Hope you enjoy today’s video, another will be posted in the next couple of days!! Be sure to check out Ana Luisa, they are running a 25% off sale right now for the holidays!❄️🎄

  2. I have never related to anything more than feeling like you don’t know who you are. I’m on break from nursing school (but love watching law school vlogs 😂) and i realized i have no real hobbies, my whole personality is being a nursing student 😩

  3. Took my first final today(Civ pro) and i slowly feel my confidence eroding away the more the time passes… is this normal? 😅 I’m so scared of the curve

  4. You're definitely way too hard on yourself (but so am I so I get it lol). You're doing amazing with not only going through law school finals but finding yourself at the same time! Hope your first final went well! <3 Also omg your nails are GORGEOUS, love that color.

  5. That ring is from another YouTuber!! Her name is Conagh Kathleen and she does weekly vlogs and is awesome!
    Btw the ring/her name is pronounced Con-ah. Like Conner, but with an Australian accent 😅 she’s Australian lol
    Glad you’re feeling better, K love you byeee

  6. Omg give yourself a break… it’s finals time for you in LAW SCHOOL! Kind of a big deal. You definitely are an amazing young lady. I look forward to seeing what you do as an attorney. Notice I said attorney because you got this!

  7. Literally every time I allow myself to Think I realize that if someone asked me who I am I genuinely would not be able to answer. Really great having these existential crises together 😭

  8. I totally related to the comment about finding yourself. A few months ago, I realized I really didn’t know much about myself other than that I’m a student. It’s a lot to work through. Maybe exams isn’t the best time lol!

  9. Love this content! So relatable. It’s so helpful to know that I’m not the only one out here feeling stressed. 😭 you’re really motivating me to get stuff done and come up with a finals plan. Thanks for posting! 😎

  10. OMG everytime you say more to come and it hard cuts to something different I die.

    Also stop being so hard on yourself. Every season of life you’ll feel like you don’t know yourself. Don’t forget that as time changes you change. Law school is your life right now so it’s fine to always relate to that, it’ll change when you leave. I’m almost 30 and feel like I don’t know myself.

    Chin up, it’s almost break!

  11. At this point I literally looooove you guys together at first I was like who is this dude lol this is Madison’s channel uhm… but it’s crazy how he came into your life at the like perfect time I hope it’s a best friendship that lasts forever because y’all both light up when your in each other’s presence

  12. Currently studying for my second 1L exam (Contracts). I'm still in shock that I've actually taken my first law school exam! It was nice to have this on in the background while I work. It felt like studying with a friend. Good luck with your finals Madison!

    Edit: I have definitely had that moment recently where I realized that I forgot what it was like to do non-law school things and talk to non-law school people. I have started to forget who I was pre-law school. I have made myself go to social events with non-law school groups recently (yes, even during finals). It's made me feel a LOT better and more capable of handling exams right now. Balance is incredibly important.

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